Beauty News: Introducing Lycon – precise and virtually pain-free waxing

lycon 1


We are pleased to now offer Lycon Precision Waxing in the salon. Here’a few handy things to know about this innovative hair removal method.


  • It’s virtually pain-free. Anyone who has had waxing done before knows that this is a big plus.


  • It’s low temperature wax meaning it’s less messy and more comfortable on your skin, ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas!



  • There’s less irritation and redness which means your lip wax will be almost undetectable!


  • Lycon wax shrinks around the hair so the hair is removed from the root giving you the longest possible regrowth time!


  • But if you really can’t wait to get waxed again Lycon wax can be used on hairs that are just 1mm long, so stubbly legs will be a thing of the past.


  • Did we mention it’s virtually pain-free?