Yummy Mummys: the 2015 Edition

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and here’s some proof that being a mum doesn’t mean you have to be ‘mumsy!’ Sienna Miller The ‘Sienna’ is definitely the must-have style for Spring/Summer 2015 and this versatile bob can be adapted for most ages and face shapes. You’re sure to be turning heads at the school gates… Read more »

Salon Talk: Bleach Buddies, Colour Changes and Mini Meryls

Just when you thought, you couldn’t keep up with her any more, Kim Kardashian has gone platinum blonde! The normally raven haired reality star debuted a shock of blonde hair this week. It’s definitely a big change that makes her look completely different but is she prepared to maintain the colour. Maybe that’s her next… Read more »

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday!

We had our annual big staff meeting last month and Barbara and Paul had some big surprises planned for the team. From our big Gala Dinner in St George’s Hall on September 5th to a whole host of other events planned to a little trip we’re all going on in April. Can’t wait!  

Five Fantastic Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Facial This Winter

The weather outside may be frightful but your skin could be so delightful. Here’s our top five reasons to get a facial:   The Weather – Winter winds wreak havoc on your skin and really dry it out causing blotchy red patches of dry skin. Going from nice warm heating out into the blustery cold… Read more »

Red Hot Movie Looks for Cate, Blake and Carey

The end of the year is the time that movie studios release a load of trailers for films that we won’t be able to see until the middle of next year. To tide us over, we watched all of them and realised we’re going to be seeing a lot of copper haired actresses vying for… Read more »