The Barbara Daley Trends Report For 2014


It’s a new year and time for the  annual trends report that we give to our staff at our big staff meeting every year. The trend report is all about what is going to be BIG in 2014 and where all these ideas are coming from.  It helps us to predict trends and what to expect in fashion, movies and music, in advertising and high profile events. and we thought we should share it with all of you, our loyal clients and followers so you too can be ahead of the trends!

So, where to begin, well it’s 2014 which is also Chinese year of the horse and whilst that might not mean a lot to most of us it has dictated some of the major trends for the upcoming 12 months so it’s important and interesting to know what it means and where the trends started from.

What the horse represents:




Energy (creativity)

Kindness to others and wanting to be part of something, belong – Membership

These themes have become major trends and influenced designers and music industry reps and filmmakers across the board.

So start let’s with happiness:

It’s no coincidence that Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’, a tune originally written for the movie Despicable Me 2 released back in June 2013, has been added to his album and put on general release for the beginning of this year. Or that radio one is having various happiness weeks and events throughout January. Or that … Happiness is one of the biggest trends for this year and we will be seeing it everywhere.

One of the big trends in fashion for the next season and beyond is florals. Flowers are well known to be a symbol of happiness, the bright colours, the unity with nature they are all things that make us feel good and create this happy vibe. So the catwalks were full of loads of different variations of floral motifs. You can find examples at Armani, Burberry, Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna, all very different takes on the theme but each has the same underlying message