Salon Talk: Carol Keeps up with Kim, Blue Steel is Back, and Goodbye Gary!

Summer might seem like a long way off but it seems that any and every celebrity has been hitting the bleach recently. Last week, it was Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto and this week, Britain’s national treasure, Carol Vorderman has been spotted with platinum locks. We appreciate you’ve taken a risk Carol but if I were you, I’d count down the days until I could go back to a darker, more suitable shade.


Can you believe it’s March already? It’s seems like Christmas was only last week and Valentine’s was yesterday. With so much going on, March seems to be a good time to slow down and think. But according to research, some couples do a bit too much thinking as this is the most popular for couples to break up. Apparently we all like to wait until the romance of Valentine’s and Christmas have worn off, or are do we break up because there’s no presents to be given until Christmas?
Maybe you’re too loved-up to break up in March but would you be ready to take a new relationship to the next level and get ‘pre-engaged?’ It’s a promise to get engaged eventually and is all the rage amongst the young Hollywood set including heartthrob Robert Patterson and his singer girlfriend (or should that be pre-fiancée?) FKA Twigs. What’s next, will flirting become ‘pre-dating’?
We’ve seen handbags that look like teddy bears or lollipops but a Japanese design company have come up with a new range of handbags designed to look like cartoons.


Spies are renowned for knowing what’s going to happen before it happens so is it any surprise that mums are being put forward as the ideal recruits for MI6? So if your mum mysteriously canceled your Mother’s Day plans last week because she ‘wasn’t feeling well’, maybe she was on a top secret mission instead!

Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by social media – it’s an unavoidable fact of life these days. So, is it any surprise that it should come with an ever-changing set of etiquette rules? First, it was impolite to ‘tag’ people in pictures you post in case they thought it was an unflattering picture but now apparently it would be rude not to tag them as it gives them a bigger social media presence. Also be warned, if you send somebody a Facebook message, for example, and they don’t reply , it’s now incredibly bad form to send them a Tweet. It’s called ‘crossing streams’ and it’s a big no-no according to the tech-savvy crowd. Well, that’s me told!
For a long time names like Jack and Chloe have been near the top of the nation’s favourite baby names but have you ever thought about what’s at the other end of the list? According to a article I read this week, Gary is one of the least popular baby names in the UK with just 28 babies being named after everyone’s favourite member of Take That last year. What do you mean, you prefer Mark Owen?


No stranger to fun fashion shows, Karl Lagerfeld transformed the latest Chanel catwalk into a chic Parisian bistro but it was Valentino who had everyone talking at Paris Fashion Week as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strutted down the runway as part of the promotion for the Zoolander sequel that is coming out soon. If you haven’t seen this film about male models, you definitely should – it’s hilarious!


They say people ‘eat their feelings’ when they feel sad and a new report this week suggests that might actually be true when you’re watching a film. Researchers in America found that viewers ate 55% more food watching a weepie rather than a comedy. It’s a good job, I’ve only seen The Notebook once – I’d be as big as a house!