15 Shades of Grey – Tinsel Town’s Finest are going grey and it’s HOT!!

Open any high fashion magazine in 2015 and you are sure to see at least one, if not a dozen, over fifties as the face of a major brand. Julia Roberts is representing Givenchy, Charlotte Rampling is the new face of Nars and then we have style veterans like Iris Apfel and literary legend Joan Didion doing it for the old girls. This rise in the average age of models has sparked a silver revolution in salons with more and more young and old clients daring to bare their roots and go for grey.
It’s costing us thousands of pounds per year to cover up our whitening roots meanwhile some celebs are going grey through choice. So we’ve made a list of our favourite celebs who are making what is most of our shameful silver secret into a serious style statement that has us all grey with envy.

Keep reading for Barbara’s thoughts and tips on what to do if you think going grey is for you!
1. Everyone’s favourite grey goddess has to be Helen Mirren. Helen’s playful take on white hair shows us all that getting old doesn’t have to be boring.


2. Zosia Mamet, this GIRLS star has never been shy of causing a stir as her character in the show but her new ashen style on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes saw her mature into a true fashionista.

3. Possibly our favourite look from last year’s Met gala (and maybe every year before that too) was Nicole Ritchie and her blue rinse, taking the vintage style to a whole new level, Ritchie has been playing with silver tones for the last three years.
4. Proving that going grey definitely isn’t just for the over 40s, the Kardashian clan’s youngest member, Kylie Jenner, showed she was more mature than the years by going silver in December of last year. Who’d have thought Kylie would be grey before her mum Kris!
5. Philip Schofield, dubbed by many as the ultimate silver fox. Phillip admitted to colouring his hair to conceal his grey for many years now he does the opposite, toning his hair to accentuate the steely tones and stop the salt n pepper effect.

6. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis thought exposing her natural colour would lose her roles in Hollywood, but by keeping her cut contemporary and edgy she’s become an ageless icon.

7. Gorgeous George, Clooney that is, has aged like a fine wine and his granite coloured hair has been voted the most popular hairstyle in a pole discussing what women actually want in a man. Proof that grey is no barrier to sex appeal.

8. Ozzy isn’t the only Osbourne to earn the title of ‘metal head’, daughter and fashion commentator Kelly is a big of fan of steely locks

9. Pearly pop princess Perri Edwards from girls group Little Mix gets a silver salute from us

10. George Lamb’s ashen streak has always made him stand out from the crowd but match that his slate coloured locks and the distinguished gentleman look is one he pulls off rather well.

11. Ice Maiden Ellie Goulding was rumoured to have broken Ed Sheeran’s heart but I’m sure her oyster coloured locks are the perfect aphrodisiac for latest love Dougie Poynter of McBusted.

12. Dame Judi Dench smoky grey tones are a great way to show how to go grey the graceful way.

13. Glenn Close may have immortalised Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmatians but there’s nothing spotty about her  snow white colour these days.

14. Diane Keaton continues to have highlights to give a multi-tonal effect to her shoulder-length bob. This is a look that would definitely make Annie Hall proud.

15. Meryl Streep played the ultimate ice queen in The Devil Wears Prada and her white haired look is back at the height of fashion.

What this list shows us is that there are so many variations in shade when deciding to eventually go grey and you needn’t be pigeon holed by the grey nature blessed you with, tone can most certainly be added to create a softer more flattering version of natural, says super stylist Barbara Daley.

I always recommend clients who are choosing to bare their natural colour – be that white or grey – to invest in a good detox shampoo to stop the hair getting that nasty yellow tinge that can come from pollution build up or as a reaction to chlorine and smoke. Some clients also use a colour shampoo from time to time to refresh the tone, L’Oréal Professionel Silver Shampoo and Shine Blonde are both very good, the silver one is a grey ash whilst the shine blonde give a more delicate purple tone.

Another thing I tell clients before they make the transition to grey is that the texture of their hair is likely to change. Grey hair can become wiry and white hair can lack body and control, it’s important to update your styling regime and the products you use as you change colour.

The next thing most people ask is how to get back to their natural colour without growing their hair out. This is the hard part really as it’s all dependant on what your natural colour is and your hair’s history of colour. I recommend having as much of your hair cut off as you feel comfortable with, this doesn’t mean having a crop from waist length hair but if you can manage a long bob it will make the transition far easier. You should accept that being colour free will take as long as it takes, I would take it in stages firstly by taking the base colour lighter. Adding some fine natural highlights to blend the lighter roots with darker ends will create a link from root to tip and lastly switching from a permanent to a semi permanent colour will give less coverage allowing you to gradually introduce more and of your natural without having the harsh line between what is coloured and what isn’t.

Finally going back to natural doesn’t mean you no longer need colour. I always like clients who are ready to go natural to have a gloss colour every now and again to freshen up the tone and give the hair shine and pliability – two things that grey and white hair often lack. Barbara says.

So there you have it, the expert’s guide to the coolest colour of the 2015