Battle of the Bobs: The Blonde vs Brunette Showdown at the Met Gala

Anyone who as ever watched Gossip Girl knows that the steps of the Met are set up for high drama and Monday was no exception as fashion’s elite merged with the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual gala, which this year honoured Comme des Garçons designer Rei xxxx

Amidst all the fabulous fashions there was a battle brewing between fashion’s two oldest clans: the blondes vs the brunettes.

Let’s look at some of the fiercest competition and see who came out on top

Family at War:

You’d have a job to find a bad bob at the Met this year. but this year a family was forced to take sides as the Jenner clan bobbed and weaved their way into battle as Kendall and Kylie both went for above the shoulder cuts. In the blonde corner, Kylie surprised us with her elegant glamour as she went for a soft blonde bob while Kendall went for unstated cool with her chocolate collar-grazer.

Winner: Just for the element of surprise after months of bright hues, we’re going to give this to Kylie.

Colour Ambush:

The Met Gala is a great time for celebs to reveal a new look and this year, Karlie Kloss hit the red carpet that her tawny locks were gone and she’d replaced them  with  a BBB – bright blonde bob. It’s really grown up look for Karlie and definitely one we can see working for a lot of clients.

Not to be outdone, the Brunettes hit back with a  1920s flapper bob from Lily Collins. It was great example of having fun with a hairpiece without going to far into costume. The raven colouring kept the look classic and amidst all the highlights and platinum looks, black is back.

While the Blondes and Brunettes were battling over who bobbed it better, here are some honourable mentions from beyond the battlefield 

The Peacemaker:

Blake Lively, actress, activist and all round good egg did her best to unite the Blondes and Brunettes by embracing honey coloured locks for this year’s gala pulled into a sleek, chic pony. Sweet!

The Conscientious Objector

Having been both a blonde a brunette, Cara Delevingne was a shining example of how not to take sides this year, by painting her newly shaved scalp silver. Amazing.