Best and Worst Hair Looks of 2015

2015 gave us a mixed bag of styles – some we loved, some loathed. Here are our pick of the best and worst of the year.


Best Cut – Sienna Miller


It was good to be bad in 2015 and if you were Sienna Miller it was great. Sienna’s imperfect shaggy ‘bad bob’ was the most admired cut of the year. She managed to update the boho chic she made famous by showing that short can be just as sweet and even more sophisticated than her former long beachy waves.


Best Colour – Taylor Swift

Could Ms Swift put a foot wrong this year? Well her stylist certainly didn’t! Her tawny blonde colour was one of the most popular looks in the salon this year. We loved this colour because it works on almost everyone whether your hair is young or old. It was a colour for all seasons as it somehow managed to be warm in winter but look cool and fresh in the summer with only subtle changes. We hope she doesn’t shake this one off in 201




Biggest Risk Taker – Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian shocked us all by hitting the bottle this year – the bleach bottle that is! She had her raven locks coloured ice white this spring. It was quite a surprise to see her making such a dramatic change in her colour and once we got over it, and Kim discovered a toner, we’re much happier to see a lighter, brighter to Kim, or at least her hair!



Worst Look (Women’s) – Miley Cyrus




What a difference a year makes! 2014 was undoubtedly Miley’s year in the style stakes. Platinum blonde and cropped, she was edgy and we couldn’t get enough of it. 2015 started off well enough, she softened the colour a bit but then the summer came and Miley’s stylist seemed to have gone AWOL. She had ill-advised dreadlocks that made us miss the crop even more but then there were some experiments with hair glitter that were eye-catching for all the wrong reasons. Let’s hope she gets back on track in 2016!



Worst Look (Men’s) – Shia Laboeuf


Shia seems to have spent 2015 expressing his more creative side but he seemed to have let his hair fall by the wayside earlier this year. His worst hair offensive has to be a rat tail plait, hanging down the middle of his neck combined with what can only be described as two hair cuts in one. We’re glad it didn’t last long and somebody finally convinced him to call in the exterminators and get rid of it!



Worst Trend – The Man Bun

It’s always great to see men moving away from the traditional short back and sides and be a bit more adventurous, but it’s never a good idea when they start getting into hair ups. The man bun had its resurgence in 2015 and while it may be a good look if you’re a scruffy Santa Monica surfer, for the other mere mortal men, it’s a look that should be best left alone.