Blonde Bombshells, Breakovers and a Sweet New Job!

Michelle Williams showed everyone how to do blonde this week. She looked gorgeous on the cover of Elle magazine channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe. A lifelong blonde Michelle has chosen an icy platinum colour this time. I like that she mixes up her tones and switches across the whole pallet of blondes to keep her look fresh. It’s a clever way to give your hair a fresh new look just by making it either cooler or warmer.


Poor Madonna has been banned from Radio 1 for being too old. They say she’s not relevant to their younger audience. That’s a laugh. Between her and the Spice Girls they are probably the inspiration for most of the girl acts in the charts today. She was the ‘blonde’ that gave all the school girls their ‘ambition’. Mind you she’s having the last laugh her new album is number one in the download charts.

Brake over of the week teen starlet Mandy Moore, she’s split up with her musician husband Ryan Adams. And Got herself a bang on tend shaggy bob and champagne highlights as a present to herself. After seeing her new look I think its ex Ryan who’s going to feel a bit flat when he sees Mandy’s new look .


It’s a standing joke that men don’t like their mother-in-law but could they be protesting too much? A survey this week suggested that half of men admit that they fancy their wife’s mother while around 17% would say that she was more attractive than the woman they married! Well if that doesn’t open a can of worms in a few households, what will?

Maybe somebody should tell Shailene Woodley star of the new Divergent film that boasting about how she likes to walk around New York City with no shoes on is not big and it’s not clever and the ‘The Fault in our Stars’ actress may soon find she has a serious fault in her feet.


I hate it when people bite their nails it’s an awful habit. Now a report says that there’s a reason why people do it they’re perfectionists who get anxious! Ha that’s a laugh. I can tell you for a fact the majority of people I know who bite their nails are not perfectionists, they just couldn’t care less about how awful their nails look.

The latest Barbie doll is a bit creepy it has a built in recorder, so it can monitor what children talk about. The manufacturers say it’s so they can make Barbie more appealing to what little girls actually want. Sounds like they’ve just launched Secret Agent Barbie!


Looking for love? I read an article this week that said that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes rather than make jokes themselves. In other words men prefer the sound of their own voice rather than yours. My advice avoid those types like the plague.

The sweet company that make Swizzels, Love Hearts, and Drumstick Lollies, have advertised for someone to help with new product development. Is this the best job in the world? I would have loved to have been a sweet taster when I was young, sadly I don’t think my teeth would pass the medical these days!


A survey this week stated the obvious when it announced that they had concluded that the average British employee hated working on sunny days. Of course we do, when we get as little sunshine as we do in this country we want to be out and about enjoying it, rather than stuck in stuffy office when the sun is shining. But only for a day. Then we can’t wait to get into our air conditioned offices or cars, and complain that it’s too hot!

A company say they have taken the risk out of getting a hard boiled egg by launching a ‘pre-cooked’ egg. they guarantees the perfect amount of yolk. The instructions say you have to boil it for five minutes – why is it ordinary eggs only take three?

Here’s something to warm your heart. A ad campaign for a Turkish mobile phone company has gone viral after advertisers taught sign language to an entire neighbourhood so a deaf man wouldn’t be left out. I don’t usually cry at things like that but it did bring a tear to my eye!