Dry January? Not for me, thanks!

It’s the start of the new year, the party season’s finally over and we’re all feeling the effects of 2016 weighing heavy on our purses and waistlines. Dry January might be the answer to some of those problems but not for your skin!!! Dry, dull and congested pores are common at this time of year but fear not, our head beautician Nicola is on hand to give us the best advice about exactly how to breathe fresh life back into our skin for 2017!


Ok Nicola so why is having a facial such a good idea in January?


It’s a good idea at any time of year but particularly in the winter months when your skin tends be a bit dull and dehydrated. Also, we all eat and drink probably a little more than we should over Christmas and New Year and that takes its toll on your skin as well. Your pores can feel congested making lines and wrinkles much more obvious.


What’s your favourite facial for January?

Definitely Crystal Clear it makes your skin feel amazing




How often do I need to have one then?


I’d recommend once a week until spring if you want to achieve the best possible skin but you will notice the results immediately after your first one.


What are the benefits I can expect to see?


Well, it plumps the skin from the inside out so your skin should instantly feel rejuvenated and more youthful looking. Less lines and wrinkles for a start. It also reverses the damage caused by free radicals – so all the pollution, dirt, make up that our skin has been exposed to over the past couple of months –  this will help reverse the drying effects of these.


Any tips that we can be doing to improve our skin at home?


Drink plenty of water, I know everyone says this but it makes such a big difference. Another tip is to remember to tone. Using a toner after cleansing and before moisturising closes the pores and reduces the amount of pollution allowed in. Exercise is really good too for a healthy glow to the skin.


After having a facial anything I should or shouldn’t be doing?


Try not to apply any make up for at least 24 hours. No hot showers, saunas or sunbeds anything that will make you sweat and clog the pores. Also, no tan or perfume. It’s just about letting the skin breathe if you want to get the best out of your facial.


Great! When can I book???


Whenever you’re ready just call our reception team on 0151 709 7974!