Gigi goes for a Grand Illusion, Caroline’s hair causes confusion and Beards that should be kept seclusion

Salon Talk Wednesday December 2nd 2015

Gigi Hadid is our style star of the week after she appeared to cut off more than half her hair and went for a chin length bob. We were all excited but then we found out it’s actually a wig! I hope Gigi sees the rave reviews her new look is getting and goes for the chop for real. It’s a great look for the new Victoria’s Secret model and will definitely make her stand out from the other long haired lovelies.

It’s been a battle of the blondes this week for our favourite look. It took us a few weeks to get used to Caroline Flack’s new bleach blonde do, but now we’ve all decided that the presenter’s hair has definitely got the X-Factor. I just wonder if Caroline is ready for the change in upkeep. Her old look was great for her because if she let her natural roots grow for a little bit, she could get away with saying she was going for a dishevelled, grungy look but the color she’s gone for now is unforgiving with roots and will frequent upkeep. I hope she’s got her stylist on speed dial!

Sports story of the week: there was a race in a shopping centre in China last week with over 6,000 babies taking part in a crawling race! I know scouts like to spot talented athletes when they’re really young but this is a bit much wouldn’t you say?

Stuck for ideas on what get your fella for Christmas? I read this week about one designer who is launching a tie subscription service, where you get a tie delivered every month. I wonder if they do one for shoes!

Last week, we found out that bearded types are less likely to be trusted and more likely to cheat on their partners, but the risk of them breaking your heart is significantly less if they follow the new Christmas trend of putting glitter in their beards. I’m not saying they won’t want to cheat on you but nobody in their right mind would take them up on it!

Trout pout has long been rife amongst the Botox-ed belles of the world but it looks like male models and celebrities are getting in on the act, with their own version, the cod gob. Whatever you call it, there’s definitely something fishy going on with the unnatural beauties of the world.

Finally, a celebrity who isn’t diving into the fountain of youth. Angelina Jolie has declared she wouldn’t want to be young again and that she ‘loves going through the menopause.’ Bet it helps that she looks 20 years younger than her actual age and that she has Brad Pitt around to get her a cold compress when she’s going through a hot flush!

Don’t you hate it when you go out and one of your mates is wearing the same thing? Well spare a thought for weather presenters across the US, who are all wearing the same dress on television after one of them posted on a Facebook site about a dress she’d seen on the internet in the sales, and then everyone went out and bought one! Well, who can blame them, a bargain’s a bargain!

Do you ever wish you could talk to an older version of yourself? Well one clever filmmaker has done just. In the 1970s he sat down with a video camera and filmed himself asking a load of questions Thirty eight years later, he filmed himself answering the same questions and edited the footage together so it looks like he’s interviewing himself! Look at the clips on the internet if you get a chance, it’s brilliant! If you fancy doing something similar, there’s a website you can go on that lets you write an email to yourself that will be delivered in the future. I might write myself for next week – ‘Do Christmas Shopping!’

Hiding from the paparazzi just got a lot easier for the rich and famous as they are being built their very own terminal at LAX airport in Los Angeles. Because sometimes a private plane just isn’t enough!