Hair Extensions

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Did you know that your hair grows approximately half an inch every month? So, letting your hair grow can be a long business. That was before hair extensions came along. For clients looking for an instant change, hair extensions are ideal as they can be used to add length to thicken up fine hair or for a quick new style that they can change after a week. Here is a bit more information about Racoon bonded extensions.

Q1. Do you use real hair?

Yes, we use only real hair which is colour matched to your own hair to produce a totally natural finished look.

Q2. How is the hair attached to my natural hair?

We use a bonding agent which is quick and secure, it joins the new hair and your own hair together in a few seconds.

Q3. How long do the bonds last?

Hair extensions can last up to five months if they are well looked after. However, after 3 months due to natural growth you would probably want to have your extensions taken out and reapplied closer to the root.

Q4. Are hair extensions only for people wanting long hair?

Whilst lots of our clients are looking for long hair, an awful lot of clients have extensions to bulk out fine hair or to add length in just part of their hair.

Q5. Can you cut and colour hair extensions?

Because we use real hair extensions we can carry out any process we would use on your natural hair because the hair is colour matched you won’t be able to tell the difference

Q6. How much do extensions cost?

Real hair extensions cost between £400 and £800 depending on what you are trying to achieve and the amount of hair you require

Q7. Can I book for hair extensions over the phone?

No, but you can make an appointment for a free consultation over the phone. You must call our Lime Street salon, we can colour match your hair as well as order the correct amount of hair. It usually takes a few days for delivery, so allow about five days from consultation to booking in for your extensions. We can also give you a price for the service.

Q8. What about aftercare?

We will show you how to manage your hair on the day of your appointment, give you the correct retail products to use on your hair, then invite you back into the salon after a week for a complimentray blow dry and for us to check on your hair and to make sure you are having no problems.

Q9. What happens if I want to take my extensions out?

No problem, book into the salon and we can remove them quite quickly and easily. The price for removal is £60 per hour, the hair is then yours to keep until you want to have the extensions re-applied.