ICYMI: Salon Talk August 19th Careless Lochte turns the hair blue and Why We’ll love Winona Forever

Salon Talk

Our most notable looks recently both belong to boys. First of all, Brooklyn Beckham proved that it’s not only blonde girls that have more fun by getting himself some highlights. It’s refreshing to see men being unafraid to embrace getting their colour done and not just to cover greys so maybe Brooklyn and the rest of the young male Hollywood set can teach the older ones a thing or too. At least Brooklyn’s learned from his mum’s blonde disaster a few years ago!


Our other look of the week is a bit of a cautionary tale from the Olympics of all places. American swimmer Ryan Lochte is known for making a splash in the pool (and in the news!) not just winning races but making himself stand out from the crowd. At the London Olympics he had braces fitted in the colours of the American stars and stripes and this in year at Rio, his hair is the star of the show. He’s had it coloured an icy blue for the Games but he obviously didn’t listen to his stylist about correct aftercare and protection as his hair has turned a shade of slime green after the colour has reacted with the chlorine in the pool.  Talk about being in the limelight! maybe you should keep the swim cap on until you get home!


Speaking of shirtless buff men, make the most of them while you can because Abercrombie and Fitch the brand, mostly famous for comfy tracksuits and muscle-bound male models are getting their models to cover up in their latest ads! Well it is nearly winter so you wouldn’t want them to catch cold!


Winona Ryder is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment thanks to her new Netflix  series Stranger Things (it’s  must-watch TV, I don’t usually like things like that but it’s brilliant!). so the media have ben raving over past and present looks and while she’ll always be one of my favourite 90s grunge girls, it’s the fashion on the show that’s getting everyone’s attention so get ready to see plaid shirts and stonewash jeans making a big comeback in your wardrobe.

Fashion from bygone eras is having a bit of moment. As well as stonewash jeans leggings with stirrups are reported to be making a return to the runways. You might laugh but anything that keeps your pants up should be a blessing! From leggings to the great ‘pantsuit revival of 2016’ as some journalists are calling it and Hillary Clinton is the woman we have to thank for it. The first female potential President of the United States seems to be single-handedly bringing the pantsuit back into fashion but apparently she has a secret weapon, Vogue editor Anna Wintour is reported to have styled Hillary’s run for President and she’s doing a great job, I’d rather look at Hillary’s pantsuits than Donald Trump’s hair any day!


Would you eat a restaurant that printed your food? A new restaurant in London is printing meals from its menu by turning the meal into puree and then feeding it into a 3D printer so it looks exactly like what it’s supposed to be.


Public Displays of Affection now have their own evil twin Public Displays of Annoyance for when two people can’t hide how much they dislike each other. I don’t know which of the two makes me more uncomfortable but it does make people watching more interesting!


2.22pm is apparently the point in the day when people feel most tired at work. Apparently it’s because it’s hard to get back into the swing of things after lunch if they feel like they’ve eaten too much. Research suggests getting around it by staying hydrated and getting some fresh. I’d suggest just not looking at your watch until home time!