ICYMI: Salon Talk: Bobs, Brownies and Being ‘too old’ to wear jeans!

The Queen of the Nile is the new Queen of Style this week as the ‘Cleopatra’ bob is the latest hair inspiration this week in Hollywood. Our favourite follower of the collar grazing slick and sleek bob trend is Jenna Dewan Tatum whose bob looks even better because of her dark chocolate locks.


Looks like Lindsay Lohan  read our piece last week about redheads as the Mean Girls star has ditched her goldy locks and gone back to the rich red colour that she sported a few years ago. Blondes may have more fun but this red rules!


It’s end of year list time and the Word of the Year has been announced – ‘post truth’ – meaning a situation where objective facts have a less persuasive effect on people’s opinion than ‘emotions or beliefs.’ Hmm, I wonder where they got that from, although it wouldn’t be the first ‘p’ word I’d be expecting from this election!


I’m surprised ‘mansplaining’ didn’t make the top of the word of the year list and I bet people in Sweden are too, as men are condescendingly explaining things to women so often that a hotline has been set up for women to call and complain. I bet the man on the other hand just tells you to ‘Calm down, dear! Argghhh!!!


Breaking up is hard to do, and this seems to be especially true in the technological age as a survey this week reveals that 64% of people stalk their ex’s social media accounts when their current partner is out of the house. Could this be signs of lingering secret single behaviour? Apparently this is something where we all secretly do things when we’re single that we wouldn’t admit to doing if we were in a relationship. Examples include, eating things straight out of the packet or singing in the shower. I don’t get it, if you can’t do these things in front of someone who loves you, wouldn’t you be better off single?


Food trend of the week is red wine brownies. Apparently it’s big among young people who usually but something a little more ‘herbal’, shall we say, into their sweet treats. Can’t say I’ve ever gone done the herbal route but red wine and chocolate, what’s not to love?


I have friends who enjoy cooking and they say there’s nothing better than following a recipe passed down through your family but if you’re like me and never had a love for pots and pans, there’s a new restaurant in the States that you might be hoping catches on here soon. It’s called Just Like Nana’s and the chefs are all grandmothers! There really is nothing like nan’s home cooking, even it it isn’t from your nan!


Anyone who knows me knows that I love my job but I’m not sure I’d follow the new craze for getting a ‘work tattoo.’ Yes, that’s right a lot of people are getting tattoos dedicated to their workplace to show how much they love it. I think it’s great they’re  so loyal but I hope they don’t get the sack!


Jeans are the staple of many people’s weekend wardrobes and finding the right pair can be like searching for the Holy Grail. A recent report suggested that 1 in 10 women try on at least 6 pairs of jeans before they find the right ones and 6% of those end up in tears trying to squeeze themselves into the perfect pair! But here’s the bad news, the report also suggested that the right age to stop wearing jeans in 53. Now, a lady never reveals her age but I’m going to ignore that and keep wearing my jeans – it took too long to find the right pair!