ICYMI: Salon Talk December 2: Sienna, Singletons Searching for Love and Stress-Free Songs


Our style star of the week is Sienna Miller, star of the latest Burberry advert. Rather just being a normal ad with models in pretty clothes, it’s been made like a movie trailer about the life of the company’s founder, Thomas Burberry. Sienna’s look really caught my attention because of her colour. She’s known for her beachy blonde ‘do but by adding a hint of brown, her colour has really softened and the earthy tones are a great way to cosy up your colour for winter without having to go for a full-on Ice Queen blonde. This beautiful winter blonde will definitely keep us warm until Spring!


The saying goes that love is blind but maybe in this day and age it’s just near-sighted. A new dating site is being launched called Spex, aimed at singletons in spectacles looking to find the one. Hopefully it’s easier than trying to find the right glasses – that’s a nightmare!


A survey this week suggested that a third of women look forward to their hen do more than their actual wedding. This puzzled me for a bit but then I realised there aren’t usually strippers at the wedding are there?


This time of year can be stressful for a lot of people, so why don’t you take your mind off it all and listen to some music? But not just any music – Weightless by the band Marconi Union has been declared the ‘most relaxing’ song ever recorded and neuroscientists have apparently proved that it can reduce listener’s anxiety by up to 65%. I’ve listened to it and I can see why – I’m listening to it now and I might not get to the end of my sent….


Have you ever been on a night out in a bar or club and heard someone say, ‘I’m just here to listen to the music,’ and then moved swiftly away and carried on dancing around your handbag? Well that could all be about to change with the rise of ‘listening clubs’ in London, where high quality speakers are installed and people just sit and listen to different types of music. Sounds like a good time!


There’s nothing worse than having cracked, dry skin on your elbows but fear not, elbow socks are here to help! A company is launching a line of special ‘arm socks’ to help keep skin cream in place and  protect the skin on your elbows from cracking and becoming painful. Now if only they could invent lip socks to keep lip balm on – I’ve had chapped lips for ages!


We can now officially say that Christmas is just around the corner and I have to say one of my favourite decorations I’ve seen so far is the ‘hipster nativity’ scene. Joseph is taking a selfie, the Three Wise Men are on Segways with Amazon parcels and Mary is holding what looks like a pumpkin spice latte. Looks like even the Nativity has to move with the times!


If you’re on Christmas cut-down (aren’t we all?), my favourite tip to help stop snacking to get some sleep. Reports suggested ‘fatigue bingeing’ is a real thing and that people can consume nearly 360 extra calories the day after a bad night’s sleep. So the advice is to get forty winks and help your waistline shrink!


Food fads are coming thick and fast and 2017 hasn’t even started yet! Apparently ‘vegetable yoghurts’ are to be a big thing in supermarkets next year to rival the classics like strawberry and raspberry, we could be faced with carrot and courgette yoghurts. Ugh.


Karaoke is coming back as the big new trend for a fun night out. I can’t say I’m not pleased about it –I’ll always remember my award winning rendition of Maggie May on the Costa de Sol in 1992. Better go warm up my pipes!