ICYMI: Salon Talk December 30th – Barbie’s back, just don’t call her a doll!

Salon talk 30th December 2016

What better way to start the new year than with a new job. Two particular vacancies took my eye this week. The first was for a Gin taster, applicants must be prepared to travel all over the world to sample different gins, and if that’s not tempting enough you get well paid as well! There was a time that carrying the number of applications for this job would break a posties back now it will break the internet.

The other job was I saw was for a translator but not for your usual languages, this was for an emoji translator. Those little characters are taking over the world.

Someone looking for a new job is Barbie. Well in a new comedy film she is. Comedian Any Schumer plays a now rather disenchanted Barbie who gets the sack for letting herself go. I blame Ken.

A survey found that most parents of 6 to 12 year olds would prefer their children to be games designers rather than doctors. Maybe because most of them are studying for the job already

I’m sure we’ve all got our new year resolutions planned. But how many of us will tell everyone what we are going to give up but not actually see it through. There’s a new word for this it’s called ‘fauxtoxing’ — I can imagine that their will be a lot of this going on. Well the intentions were good.

Ever bumped into someone and suffered from a case of ‘Who ja vu’ — or who are you I think we might have we’ve met before? Probably a common problem after to many Christmas night outs.

Harith iskander- ever heard of him? Neither have I, yet he’s just been chosen as the funniest person in the world for 2016 — I think the judges are the ones having a laugh

A survey of more than 2,000 British women found that almost 60% thought being referred to as someone’s ‘bird’ was their most hated pet name. They also didn’t like being referred to as doll, chick, babe and queen.

Just opened in Japan is a Red wine spa — that’s baths filled with red wine! The spa owners claims that the properties of red wine are good for rejuvenating your skin as it absorbs all the wines friendly antioxidants. Don’t think drinking the contents would be a good idea.

You might have to wait a while to see John Malkovich’s latest film. The Dangerous Liaisons star has made a film and put it in a vault that cannot be opened until 2116. I suppose we’ll have to wait until 2216 for the DVD then!

Happy New year Everyone xx