ICYMI: Salon Talk November 18th, Melania, Mannequins and Men With Food, what’s not to love?


She may have lost the election, but Hillary Clinton has definitely left her mark on fashion. Sales of the collar-less pantsuits she favoured during the presidential debates have skyrocketed and the classic ‘Hillary headband’ is the hair accessory of choice for her diehard supporters. One good thing we have to look forward to with Donald Trump’s reign is Melania’s hair. She has the classic honey brown and caramel highlights that are always on trend. If only someone could convince her to go a   little shorter and put a little shape into her cut, if nothing else, she could have a chance at keeping up Michelle Obama’s style legacy. Let’s face it, her husband’s not going to!


If there’s one face you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks, other than Melania, it may well be Amy Adams and that isn’t such a bad thing. Amy has two new films out this month. They are both really good movies but I’m just glad we get a chance to see Amy’s hair. It’s really refreshing to see a redhead in Hollywood and Amy’s roles show just how versatile the colour can be. In Nocturnal Animals, her colour is a sexy dark chestnut, while in Arrival, she lightens up to more of a copper. If ever you were tempted to take the plunge and go red, Amy just might persuade you to go for it!


Another week, yet another Instagram trend. This week it’s the Mannequin trend where you pose yourself like the models in shops and then post a photo. As usual it only really becomes a trend when celebs latch on to it and the most talked about celeb mannequins so far have been Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, sparking rumours of a Destiny’s Child reunion. Fingers crossed for something to look forward to in 2017!


Speaking of mannequins, one high street retailer caused a stir recently with mannequins crouched on the floor. Sure it’s a different way to display clothes but I can’t help but worry about the clothes getting creased!


‘Hot Dudes Reading’ is a hugely popular Instagram feed which does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s pictures of attractive men reading books but its next phase may have been a bridge too far – ‘Hot Dudes and Hummus’ is pictures of attractive men eating everyone’s favourite chickpea based dip. Ha!


It’s that time of year again when the new batch of emojis are released to brighten up our text messages. Included in the new set are a ‘shrug’ emoji which I much prefer to the usual ‘idk’ for ‘I don’t know’ and a pregnant woman emoji which is sure to be the popular new way to tell people you’re having a baby. Well, they do say a picture paints a thousand words.


I wonder if the pregnancy emoji counts as your first baby picture. That would mean that there’s only 1497 more for you to post online before your child turns five. Yes, apparently, people post an average of nearly 1500 photos of their children on social networking sites in their early years. It looks like this really is the new way to watch your kids grow up.


I hate this whole ‘shaming’ trend. First there was ‘body-shaming’ then ‘singleton-shaming’ and now women in Japan are being ‘makeup shamed.’ Critics in Japan are suggesting that women who apply their makeup on the train or bus are ‘ugly.’ Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but anyone who can successfully apply lipstick on a moving train should be celebrated not shamed!