Here’s what we’ve all been talking about in the salon this week — From Nicole’s X-Factor ‘Diva-ish Do’ to ‘Mom Hair’ and what a girl looks for in a man. Celebrity Gossip & Fashion. We are hairdressers what do you expect xx
It was Diva week on the X Factor and judge Nicole Scherzinger showed the ‘wannabes’
how it should be done. Taking her inspiration from Diana Ross and Kim K she had a full on ‘diva do’ she chose a very seventies inspired look with lots of texture and full of disco waves. And if that wasn’t enough the hair colour was a beautiful chestnut brown with mix of my favourite gold and copper highlights.Diana Ross sang I’m coming out anyone with a full on hairstyle like Nicole’s should change the words to I’m going out. A style like that needs to be shown off.

Mums the word in Hollywood these days as the mums in Tinseltown have created their own hair trend The ‘mom’ hair the style is based on the stylish shoulder length bob thats popular this season. It’s a low maintenance style that embraces subtle,natural-looking shades that require little up keep. A style that needs little effort is every girls dream and when your a mum it’s a priority. With a hairstyle like this there’s nothing wrong with looking ‘mumsy!’

Donald Trump made everyone cringe this week by using the phrase ‘bad hombres’ and hairdressers on Twitter posted thousands of shots of bad ‘ombre’ highlights. Donald really needs to keep up on his trends – tortoiseshell highlights are next big colour trend for the end of the year!

Greggs are reported to be launching a delivery service – or bake away! – delivering sausage rolls and pasties to your home or office. I hope they figure out to keep them warm before they launch in Liverpool, is there anything worse than a cold pasty?

It’s not just Greggs that are going for a bit of a ‘bakeover’, Costa the coffee shop is going up market and jumping on the American craze for avocado based dishes. Costa are putting their’s toast and are now serving wine in some branches. Wonder if they’ll embrace the other new trend in America for coffee in an ice cream cone!

Men often wonder what women want and now a new report can tell them. Research suggests that the first things that women notice about men are their eyes,how tall they are height,and how they are dressed. Maybe they should also consider how they smell scientists have evidence to show that a man can improve his chances of hitting it off with a women considerably if he smells nice. They concluded that their actually is a Lynx effect!

The world’s most expensive crisps are going on sale for s whopping £45 a box. But don’t get your hopes up the box only contains 5 crisps. Not exactly tear and share are they. You’d have to be crackers to spend that much on a crisp.

At those prices I bet these crisps won’t be available at London’s first ‘chips and dip’ café. I don’t need a café for that, it’s just Saturday night in our house!

First we were warned off skinny jeans and now it looks like skin tight leggings could be bad for you. Medics have warned that tight-fitting pants can cut off the circulation in your legs, leaving your thighs feeling numb and are especially dangerous to wear on flights or if you have to sit for a long time. Time to embrace the wide leg pants trend again.

Looking for a gift for the wine-lover in your life. Problem solved with the wine glass that attaches itself directly onto the bottle so you don’t have to waste time with that pesky pouring lark. Drinking straight from the bottle never looked so classy!

Do you ever wish you had a less stressful job? Well you might want to think again as research this week suggests that people with high pressure positions are a third less likely to die than people in more casual roles. Apparently it only really works if the stressed workers can choose their work patterns. Talk about working until you drop!

Do you spend your nights watching Netflix and then find it hard to fall asleep, maybe you should switch to Napflix – the new site that streams boring videos like physics lectures and paint drying to make it easier to drift off!