ICYMI: Salon Talk, Snapchat, Superfoods, Sarcasm and Why Denmark is about to be famous for more than just pastries

Fashion Weeks was the big news recently. We saw a bit of everything to chic chignons at Tom Ford to a Snapchat-inspired show at Desigual. Models walked the runway with hair and make-up based on the most popular filters on the social media site. Some models were lucky and got the star filter while one unfortunate model had to strut her stuff with the dog nose painted on her face. I wonder if this is a trend that will make it on to the high street. Something tells me it probably won’t be!


The Swedes have pretty much taken over the literary world in recent years but it seems their Danish neighbours are also trying to get themselves back on the cultural map but for a much more fashionable reason. Forget French girl hair, that effortless look that we all lusted after a couple of months ago, the Danish are getting themselves known for more than just pastries and bacon by appearing to  leading the latest colour trend for honey brown hair. Definitely a look to consider this autumn!


There are many reasons to want to move to Italy, the food, the weather, did I mention the food? But in case you were looking for another one, the government are now offering 18-year olds  a €500 ‘culture bonus’ that they have to spend on going to concerts, theatre tickets, books or museums. That’s definitely one way to create a nation of culture vultures



Health food obsessives are quick to hail the latest superfood – we’ve seen almost everything from almonds to kale nominated as the food to eat to boost you up the wellness scale. The latest reported superfood might be music to your ears – tequila! Yes, the popular shot is being touted as the ‘healthiest’ alcohol because it’s gluten-free and the least likely to give you a hangover. Surely, that depends on how much you drink?


Think you’re wasting money with your gym membership? Think again. A report this week that getting regular exercise can actually save you money in the long run because you don’t get sick as much and aren’t tempted to spend money on takeaways if you’re trying to be healthy.


North Korea has always been shrouded in mystery but one report that has left a lot of people scratching their heads is the news that leader Kim Jong Il has banned sarcasm across the country. Oo-er!


Spare a thought for the man in your life this week as a survey suggests that men spend an average of three weeks of their entire life waiting for their significant others to try on clothes.  No news yet on how long women have to spend watching pointless football games but I’d bet it’s longer!

Finally, in possibly the most pointless piece of research ever, scientists have ‘discovered’ that the five-second rule is a myth and that people shouldn’t actually eat food that they’ve dropped, no matter how long it’s been on the floor because it’s already covered in bacteria after one second!