ICYMI: Salon Talk: Sweater Weather Hair, Why you might want to look like a Troll this Halloween and Ocean’s 8 looks great

There’s finally a chill in the air as winter starts to set in but it’s not all doom and gloom because it’s finally sweater weather! And now we can at last break out the comfy jumpers, we can now embrace a new hair trend. Yes, the sweater weather hair look is being championed by Hollywood favourites Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried and is centred around a collar length bob that sits perfectly at the top of your jumper.Definitely the latest hot look for the cold weather!


Everyone knows that watching a sad film can be a great way to let it all out when you need a good cry and making you feel better but did you know going through the emotional pain of watching Leonardo Di Caprio sink under the waves or the first 15 minutes of Up  can actually help to increase your physical pain threshold. So next time you need to get your flu jab, maybe watch a film first!


In yet another piece of unsurprising news, an official study has finally proven that a doctor is twice as likely to correctly diagnose your illness than googling it on the internet! I still  can’t resist looking up my ailments though, it’s my guilty pleasure!


Pregnancy photo shoots have been popular since Demi Moore bared her bump on the cover of Vanity Fair in the 1990s but whatever you can do, apparently your dog can do better. Dog maternity photos are a growing trend among pet lovers. Awww.


Can’t think of anything worse than going into a noisy club filled with techno music? Well that might all be about to change as a new trend has emerged in London for power ballad night at some of the most popular clubs. Looks like what’s old is definitely new again!


Mac always have interesting make-up collaborations from teaming up with everyone from Lady Gaga and Disney to Trolls but their latest venture looks to be really sweet. They have created a new range inspired by The Nutcracker, so expect to see a line of Sugarplum Fairies outside the Empire when the ballet open next month! And if you can’t get a ticket don’t worry, a film version is on the way with Keira Knightley and Miranda Hart.


Another film we can all get excited about is the recently announced all-female remake of the classic crime caper Ocean’s 11 starring almost everyone you can think of from Cate Blanchett to Rihanna!


Speaking of unusual collaborations, Asos have joined forces with Wah London to launch a Princess Diana-inspired collection. Wonder if it will include a version of her famous wedding dress?


The clown craze is definitely no laughing matter and it’d definitely having an effect on life in America where Ronald McDonald, the McDonald’s mascot has been sidelined until after Halloween so people don’t get upset!


We’ve all admitted to be ‘hangry’ – angry because we’re hungry, but some people just use it as an excuse for being in a bad mood but there’s now scientific proof that it’s a real thing! So always make sure to carry snacks with you to avoid unnecessary arguments!