ICYMI: Stranger Trends from Stranger Things, why this week is all about Power and how you can finally be a mermaid

Salon talk Friday September 2nd 2016

Buzz cuts are having a bit of moment recently as Stranger Things stakes its claim as the best show on TV. The 12-year old star, Milllie Bobby Brown is becoming quite the style icon with her buzz cut. While it’s not a look that works for everyone ans maybe not your little girl, don’t forget that in a few weeks, a buzz cut can become a trendy pixie cut, so if you’re looking for a change this season, having all your hair cut off would definitely make a statement!


Do you have ‘office bum’? Apparently, it’s a new affliction for people who spend all day at their desks. According to the report, extended periods of sitting can flatten your behind and crush the junk in the trunk. So if you want to maintain your bikini body this autumn, maybe get up and go for a walk!


Women who wear makeup to work are reported to make more money that women who don’t. While this is slightly depressing news, who doesn’t love an excuse to go make up shopping? While this may be true in the real world, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Alicia Keys, who isn’t wearing any make up at all in her new role as a coach on the American version of The Voice. Going on television without makeup, she’s a brave woman!


Instagram trends are often about ridiculous goals like the A4 waist challenge where people were measuring their waist against a piece of paper but the latest trend is something we can all get behind. ‘Mermaid thighs’ invites people to post pictures of themselves posing like a mermaid and celebrating the fact that most of us don’t have a celebrity ‘thigh gap’. It looks like its going to be a huge trend as thousands of people have already released their inner Ariel on the internet.


Donald Trump really isn’t doing himself any favours over in the States as he runs against Hillary Clinton to be the next President by claiming she only gets celebrity endorsements from ‘people who aren’t hot any more.’ Meow! I bet Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be fuming!


Power suits are the latest 80s trend to make a comeback as both Rihanna and Beyoncé have been spotted out this week in the ultimate 80s strong woman fashion statement. So get ready to see a lot more double-breasted or wide collared suit jackets but with a modern twist of super short skirt (maybe only do that if you have legs like Beyoncé though!)


From power suits to the ‘power bob’ – that’s what journalists are now calling Theresa May’s new hair cut. I’m glad she’s changed her look a bit but now she just needs to keep on top of the cut!


Summer’s coming to an end but could your relationship be on the rocks too? A study released this week suggests that couples are more likely to break up or get divorce after going on holiday together.


They say life begins at forty but I read this week that people feel best about how they look when they are 75! Research suggests that people don’t worry about their wrinkles at that age and are more comfortable with themselves. I can’t wait to not worry about wrinles, roll on 75!


Are you a PANK? That’s a professional aunt with no kids who are increasingly becoming used as babysitters to take pressure of grandparents.