I’ll have the Plait Du Jour, please

Braids have always been a school girl rite of passage and it seems that this playground trend has evolved into a fashionista one too!

Plaits have been all over the red carpet of late so, it’s the perfect time than now to launch our very own Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty Braid Bar.

Interviews, weddings, holidays, big nights out, red carpet events or for sitting front row at Fashion Week, braids are no longer reserved for festivals and milkmaids, there is a style to suit just about any occasion.

There are almost a million ways to wear a braid so choosing just six for our braid menu was quite a challenge. We wanted the looks we selected to appeal to everyone and still have that fashion forward edge, so all of the braids came from this year’s shows, and range from the sleek to the messy, the all up to the half down, the girly to the edgy, there is a different braid for all.