Kate Bosworth Gets a New ‘Lewk’ and Fashion worth getting into bed for

Finally, Fifty Shades of Grey the movie, hits our cinema screens this weekend. But is it the perfect Valentine’s date movie? I don’t think so. Lots of people are saying they’d be to embarrassed to be seen going into the cinema to watch it. I will probably have to go, purely in the name of research for this column of course. If you’re trying to spot me I’ll be the one in the sunglasses big hat and scarf around my face. But on second thoughts I expect that’s the disguise most girls will have when they go see it . – as we say ‘ the shame of it!’
My favourite ‘jumping on the 50 Shade bandwagon’ is from B&Q they have warned their staff to expect a rush on bondage hardware. They have advised their employees to read the books so they can give the best advice on what would be the best tools for the ‘job’ I wonder will they be offering the choice of 50 shades of grey tape.
Click the link below to watch  the trailer

So have you got yourself a ‘Lewk’? This is a term from the art world, that the fashionistas of New York City are all buzzing over. ‘A Lewk’ is defined as a personal signature style so individual it’s almost indivisible from you. And getting yourself a stand out identity is the key trend everyone is ‘lewking’ for. Whether it’s a unique hairstyle, or the way you dress, getting your own personal ‘Lewk’ is what trendy New Yorkers wants.

Speaking of looks, ‘You got the Look’ was a big hit for Prince and Sheena Easton back in the eighties. And it’s Miss Easton’s 80’s crop with a perm on top hairstyle that is the talk of the catwalk. JW Anderson chose to give all his runway models this iconic hairstyle for his latest fashion show. No twists no turns, just a straight up 80’s retro ‘poptastic’ look

Designers are always looking for novel ways to get people to talk about their fashion shows – Karl Lagerfeld held a protest march at one Chanel show and for another he decked out the room like a supermarket. Now Costume National may have come up with what could be our favourite show of the season. The audience were given a pair of the brand’s pyjamas and then invited to watch the show lying in beds whilst the models paraded around. Sounds like a great idea some shows run so late – you’re falling asleep by the time it starts.


People used to say revenge is a dish best served cold, not anymore. Now it’s best served sparkly as the new revenge trend is to send an envelope of loose glitter to your ex. What a trick! Once it’s spilled open it’s impossible to get rid of, and will be a constant reminder!!

The ‘bob’ hairstyle craze shows no signs of losing its appeal as the must-have look for this year. The latest celebrity to have her locks chopped off is actress Kate Bosworth, who went for a length somewhere between her chin and her shoulder that I predict will prove very popular in the salon.

Friends come in all shapes, sizes and now status abbreviations. It started with BFF (best friend forever)! Now it’s being challenged by FFL – Friend for life. A couple of other favourites are FOAF (friend of a friend) that’s a polite way if saying their not your friend and the always reliable DAWM (Drinks After Work Mate). Looks like there’s no such thing as just a friend anymore!

Did you know that being cold could sometimes be all in the mind? When Scientists showed a group of volunteers a video of someone putting their hands in a bucket of ice their hands became colder than before they watched the video. Spooky!

Getting married in quirky locations is becoming more and more popular from beachside resorts to stately home,are becoming more and more in demand But would you consider tying the knot in Starbucks? Yes the coffee chain are promoting the idea of holding your nuptials in their coffee shops. Now that’s what you call an ‘ Expresso’ – Who said romance is dead?

In China they are taking the looking good thing to a whole new level. One restaurant is getting lots of publicity for giving free meals to its prettiest customers but for those that don’t make the grade, they are offering free cosmetic surgery consultations! It’s enough to put you off your food!

How do you feel about being ‘Gym Shamed’ it’s becoming a trend in some gyms in America. Anyone who isn’t trying hard enough during a group fitness sessions gets sent to the back of the class. Wouldn’t you just hate teachers pets!