New Year Salon Talk: Makeunders, makeovers and why you might need a ‘nanny’

Frankie from The Saturdays may have come so close to winning Strictly in 2014 but one of her bandmates has style watchers in a spin when she was photographed with an ultra chic makeunder for Because online magazine. If only we all looked that good with no make-up and slicked back hair.

We think it’s great when people decide to ring in the New Year with a new look so actress Elizabeth Olsen is our look of the week as she opted to leave her long, brunette locks in 2014 and go for a highlighted choppy blonde bob this week. She might be waiting to see if blondes have more fun, but one thing’s for sure, she’ll be turning a lot of heads with this stylish new look.

Did you enjoy watching your loved ones unwrap all their Christmas presents? I hope so because ‘unboxing’ videos are the next big trend on the internet. Youtube videos of people taking toys out of the box are already really popular on the internet and I would know, it all my grandkids ever watch!
If you’re like me you probably feel like you’ve overindulged over Christmas but not have the energy or motivation to drag yourself to the gym. If that sounds like you, you might want to enlist the services of the first fitness trend of the year, a gym ‘nanny’. It’s not exactly a trainer but the ‘nanny’ is in charge of booking you into all the right fitness classes to fit around your schedule and then making sure you get to the gym on time and if you want, they can also work out with you as moral support.
If you do feel like you’ve put on a few extra pounds, you should hope they find life on Mars pretty sharpish as it has just 38% gravity – so a person who weighs 150 pounds on Earth would weigh just 57 pounds on Mars. Sadly the closest we look to getting a Mars landing any time soon is a chocolate bar falling out of the sweet cupboard.
The first popstar set to make a splash in January is Viktoria Modesta, but she’s not like your average pop princess – she has an artificial leg which she swaps for a spike in her promo video as shown on Channel 4.

Lots of people like to think their poo smells like roses but now it actually can shine like a star. For $425 dollars, Americans can buy tablets that make their poo turn gold. Talk about flushing money down the toilet!
Loads of couples get engaged over the festive period and often decide on going away to have a destination wedding but what if you don’t have any one to propose to you? Well, one Japanese travel company has you covered by offering a ‘self-marriage’ package for women who want to ‘commit to themselves.’ The idea sounds a bit wacky but it sounds like a great deal – you get a wedding dress, flowers, photos and a stay in a luxury hotel. If someone asked me if I like the sound of that, I’d say I do!
If you got a Kindle for Chistmas, you might not want to read it before bed as researchers in the US have found that people who read e-books before bed are less tired than people who doze off reading a paper book.
Usually fashion houses like to fill their ad campaigns with pretty young models but Dolce and Gabbana have captured everyone’s attention by using three elderly women to show off their 2015 accessories. Just shows how easy it is to be silver haired and stylish!