Red alert: How to make Autumn’s favourite colour last past Winter

Red hair is definitely making a comeback this autumn but before you get your colour warmed up as the weather gets colder, make sure you read Barbara’s top tips:
What are the most popular reds?
There are so many different red shades out there right now from subtle strawberry blondes to bright coppers to fiery cherries, garnets and chillies. Brunette red shades like auburn and chestnut or deep reds like Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, are always popular in the salon but the most in-demand shades at the moment are expensive rust tones as seen on celebs like Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.
Who suits being a red head?
As a general rule, red hair works best with pale skin. I always say the darker the skin tone, the deeper the colour. Avoid false tan with red hair, it makes your hair and skin look orange!
How to properly maintain red hair
Red hair needs TLC if you want to keep your colour looking as bright and shiny as it is when you leave the salon. I always tell clients to treat their freshly coloured red like a cashmere jumper. If you wash it on a high temperature, you’re guaranteed that the colour will run. Keep the water cool, shampoo and condition with care and use gentle colour-saving products to keep your colour at its best. The same goes for drying your hair – the better your hair condition, the better your colour will look at last, so keep tongs and straighteners to a minimum to get the most out of your red.
What to consider if thinking of going red
You definitely need to consider the level of maintenance involved when choosing to go red. Factor in all the extras you will need like a deep conditioning mask to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy. You may also want to have a semi-permanent toner in between your root colour appointments to keep the colour’s vibrancy. You should also think about adapting your make-up and wardrobe. This is important with any colour change. Shades that suited you before may now clash with your new look. Finally red hair will always get you noticed, so get ready for all the extra attention – going red is not for wall flowers!