Red Hot Movie Looks for Cate, Blake and Carey

The end of the year is the time that movie studios release a load of trailers for films that we won’t be able to see until the middle of next year. To tide us over, we watched all of them and realised we’re going to be seeing a lot of copper haired actresses vying for gold statuettes come awards season.

Cate Blanchett -Cinderella

It looks so good to be bad as Cate Blanchett steals the show as the Wicked Stepmother in the trailer for the latest version of Cinderella, as directed by Kenneth Branagh. Of course, Cinders is typically blonde, gorgeous and very shabby chic, but Cate’s fiery ‘do makes her blue  eyes sparkle with ice cold rage when she spies Cinderella at the ball. Don’t worry Cate, your rich, red hair is guaranteed to have everyone talking about you at the ball!

Blake Lively – The Age of Adaline

She’s been away for a while but now Blake is back and after seeing the trailer for her new film, we can say we’ve really missed her style. Don’t worry, there’s loads of styles to look at in The Age of Adaline as Blake plays a woman who stops aging at 27 (wouldn’t we all love that?!?) as Blake goes through the ages with fabulous strawberry blonde hair. Strawberry blonde is a great way to test the waters for going red and if you need any further encouragement, just look at Blake!


Carey Mulligan – Far From the Madding Crowd

If she’s not careful, Keira Knightley could lose her period princess crown to Carey Mulligan as Carey corsets up for Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of the Thomas Hardy classic. Carey’s reddish brown locks flowing in the wind are enough to warm up a flat brown colour and put some fire in the loins of not one, but three suitors who are after her in this classic. See, what a slight colour change can do for you!