Salon Talk: Beyonce causes a buzz, Dormcore delights and Marital Money Mayhem

Salon Talk Friday August 12th


A report this week revealed that Beyoncé has the most googled hair in America for people looking for colour inspiration. I’m not surprised that Queen Bey’s look has so many fans. The soft caramel tones in her hair are versatile enough to be adapted for almost everyone while her recent stint as a ‘lemon blonde’ in her Lemonade video shows her edgy, experimental side. There really is a Beyoncé for everyone! Over on the shorter side, Jennifer Lawrence’s recent platinum lob and Rihanna’s one-time sleek square bob are the most searched-for shoulder-length styles!


You may remember a few months ago when celebs like Rihanna started popping up on the red carpet in super comfy almost pyjama style outfits – don’t get too carried away,  it’s still fashion – it’s more silky kimonos and pants than woolly pjs and fluffy slippers – and now it’s back with a name: dormcore. Comfortable and fashionable? What’s not to love?


Pre-nups are nothing new for the Hollywood elite where couples who are about to promise to love each other forever prepare themselves for the inevitability that that won’t happen by dividing everything they own to make getting a divorce less messy. Now there is a whole new trend amongst power couples who realise that they have become richer while together – the post nup lets couples redefine who gets what even after they’re married – probably a good idea as the average Hollywood marriage lasts all of about five minutes!


According to a report this week on ‘text-iquette’ – texting etiquette, to you and me, ending a text with a full stop is the height of rudeness. Apparently it’s overly formal and can be off-putting to the person reading the text and an exclamation point is much more user-friendly. Who ever puts that much thought into the punctuation in a text?


Going anywhere nice this summer? If you want something a bit different from the beach or a city break, maybe ‘wellness tourism’ is the thing for you. Apparently the next big thing in travel is taking yourself off to a wellness retreat complete with meditation, juice cleanses and gruelling hikes. Sounds like I’d need a holiday to get over that!


Being single and ready to mingle might not be all it’s cracked up to be these days, especially when it comes to your purse strings. According to research, couples save an average of over £5700 a year compared with singletons by using things like 2-for-1 restaurant vouchers and staying in more, while unattached people spend more money on going out and takeaways.

So there you have it, having a significant other can have a significant impact on your bank balance.


In other couples news, apparently couples who drink together stay together longer than couples who drink separately. Cheers to that!


Some people like to listen to soothing music to help them fall asleep but now you don’t need your phone or a CD player to do it. A company are launching musical pillows that play soft music into your pillow and help you drift off to sleep.


Are you a phubber? That’s a phone snubber – a person who goes out with friends and then you all spend the night on your phones and barely talk. There are ways to get around it, some people have everyone put their phone on the table and the first person to pick it up pays the bill but one bar has actually taken things a step further by blocking all phone signal in the bar so people are forced to talk to each other, just like 10 years ago!