Salon Talk: Blake has a power cut, La La Land gets a sheepish make over and will you declutter before you die?

Look lively, Blake Lively that is. The former Gossip Girl has us all swooning over her new ultra-chic power bob this week. Blake’s choice of haircut is the perfect hairstyle now we are in  ‘sweater weather’ as your hair sits more comfortably on your collar and looks very seasonally stylish 

Cara Delevingne has shown how to keep her short cropped hairstyle current and news worthy by changing from a blonde to a chestnut brown. It perfectly suits the choppiness of the cut. As always we can’t wait to see what Cara does next.

Despite the recent Autumn heatwave, the  battle over setting the central heating thermostat is about to kick in. scientists have now had their say. They have found that the correct setting the heating is a battle of the sexes, they have found that because men have a faster metabolism than women they prefer to be cooler so turn it down where as women (including me) have a slower metabolism and therefore feel the cold more so they turn the  heating up . No wonder we get so hot under the collar about it 

I wonder how many people are  following the latest Scandinavian trend for Swedish Death Cleaning. Supposedly popular with Swedes in their mid-50s, they are decluttering  their houses so that when they die, their children won’t have as much stuff to sort out. That’s far too organised for my liking. 

Almost every time I go to the cinema, no matter how good the film is, I end up falling asleep. Well It looks like I’ve found the perfect film for me, ‘Baa Baa Land’ – a ‘reimagining’ of the Oscar winning musical LaLa Land only featuring sheep grazing in a field. It’s billed as an ‘eight hour epic’ and is part of a movement called ‘slow cinema’ The filmmakers aren’t expecting many awards, they say they hope it will be a ‘sleeper hit!’

Glamping just took a step up, get ready for ‘haute camping’ making sleeping in a field fashionable. Camping gear is popping up all over the runways recently from sturdy boots to rainproof jackets. French fashion house Céline even  put sleeping bags on the seats at their most recent show. High fashion or not, you won’t persuade me sleeping in a tent is trendy. 

They say what’s old is new again and that definitely seems to be true this week with the rise of the OAP-sters. Yes, hipsters in their mid-20s and early 30s are rejecting the late nights out for early nights in  by the fire and their dream home is now out in the suburbs rather than an ultra modern converted garage in the city centre. Oh to be young again and show them how to do it right!

Horrifying news of the week: I read a report the other day that suggested Brits consume an additional 100,000 calories in the their lifetime from snacking at work on other people’s leftover treats. Well it would be rude waste it, wouldn’t it?