Salon Talk: Blake’s a Bronde, ‘Yuccie’ Youth and Wifi in the Wild

Look lively – Blake Lively that is! we are all ‘gossiping’ about this girl’s new ‘Bronde’ hair colour – that mix of brunette and blonde that’s bang on trend. She joins Jennifer Lopez and Gisele as the cover girls for the summers hottest hair trend.
We’ve had yuppies, then hipsters now get ready for the rise of the ‘Yuccie’. The ‘young urban creative’ is the new youth trend and the term for the modern day ‘idea’ man or woman with long-winded job titles that don’t add up to much . Apparently, the criteria to be a ‘Yuccie’ is you are a young ( naturally!) professional who is bang up to date with the goings on in everything from food to fashion and your ambition is to be ‘breaking new ground’ in culture. Sounds ‘Yuk’ but it’s nice work if you can get it!
When something is everywhere some people use the term ‘ breeding like Rabbits’ so when fashionistas talk about those rabbits as the latest trend then they are actually talking about rabbits – bunnies are everywhere and on everything as the new must have fashion print on everything that’s soon to be in your wardrobe. So hop on down to the shop tomorrow and get yourself some.
Girls here’s the bad news, according to a survey, fluttering your eyelashes gets you nowhere in fact women pay almost £140 more than men when it comes to getting our cars fixed! The message is acting dumb doesn’t get you anywhere!
It’s so difficult to get online in Sefton Park or in some parts of Central Liverpool but apparently wifi is soon yo be available at the summit of Mount Fiji! I don’t care if there’s 4G up there, there’s no way you’ll find me climbing a mountain just to check my Facebook messages.
Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum of Magic Mike fame has admitted. ‘I’m not a good enough actor not to have to take my shirt off in a movie.’ I say work with what you’ve got Mister, it hasn’t let you down so far!
Beyoncé has inspired lots of people with her hair and beauty choices, but I never thought of her as inspiration for architects. Apparently the latest skyscraper to be added to the Melbourne skyline is curved to match Beyoncé’s shapely figure. Well if that’s not compliment, what is?
The fashion house Chanel always try to make their shows show fun and newsworthy. This week they created a casino setting for their couture show. It featured everyone from Kristen Stewart to Julianne Moore and Rita Ora. One of the hottest looks that got everyone talking was Kristen’s velvet tuxedo-style pantsuit. Place your bets that this is going to be a winning look this winter.
Everyone’s talking about former Kardashian dad Bruce Jenner’s new TV show about her life since her transformation into Caitlyn. ‘I am Cait’ is billed as a reality show Reality? Really, The Kardashian idea of reality is nothing like anything I know.

Having trouble sleeping in this hot humid weather? Advice this week says that you should still sleep with the duvet on or cover yourself with a sheet. The experts say this helps draw sweat away from your body and helps keep you feeling cool, and they say if you stick one foot out from under the covers, your body temperature is lowered even more and your brain thinks it’s time to sleep. Sound great but where’s the expert advice on how to cope when there’s a monster truck snoring next to you?