Salon Talk: Bleach Buddies, Colour Changes and Mini Meryls

Just when you thought, you couldn’t keep up with her any more, Kim Kardashian has gone platinum blonde! The normally raven haired reality star debuted a shock of blonde hair this week. It’s definitely a big change that makes her look completely different but is she prepared to maintain the colour. Maybe that’s her next reality show, Upkeep with the Kardashians!
It’s not just female celebrities that are re-inventing their looks this week. Jared Leto –the 90s hearthrob who made a comeback last year by championing the ‘man bun’ and ‘hombré’ highlights for men has said good bye to his flowing mane and been given a ‘man-over’ – man’s makeover – by having a more traditional cut for his latest role as The Joker in the movie version of the Suicide Squad comic book series. He’s also followed in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and gone platinum blonde. Like Kim’s, it’s a look that will take a bit of getting used to but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it, we just might have to spend a bit more time looking at him, which can’t be a bad thing! For every man who gets it right, there’s always one guy who gets it oh-so wrong and this week Shia La Boeuf debuted a skinny rat tail plait that we hope doesn’t catch on. Oh Shia, we’ll cut it off for you whenever you’re ready!

Cheryl Cole has jumped on not one but two celebrity trends this week. First she has had her locks lopped off into an on trend shoulder length look and for then she followed in the footsteps of Rosie Huntington Whitely by announcing the chop on Instagram rather than at some high profile event. I read somewhere this week that showing off their new hairstyles on Instagram is the celebs’ new way to ensure that the paparazzi will be waiting for them when they go out.


Models these days seem to be getting younger and younger and some of the models at Dolce & Gabbana’s recent runway show at Milan Fashion Week haven’t even been born yet. Pregnant women were the stars of the show and other models walked the runway with little girls in fabulous clothes. Well, they do say you’re never too young to take an interest in fashion!
International Fashion Weeks have been going on for almost a month and anyone who’s anyone on the A-List has been spotted at one of the top shows but some celebs are said to be suffering from ‘Frow-mo’ –Front Row Fear of Missing Out as apparently the whole point of going to a fashion show is just for people to know you went and isn’t actually about the clothes at all. And it’s not just celebs who get Frow-mo. Gym classes are now said to be filling up from the front and whereas it used to be cool to slack off at the back, everyone apparently wants to be near the front and closer to the front, so much so that you can even reserve spaces in some of the top gyms in London. Who knew people would ever be so keen to exercise?
Kim Kardashian might have gone all stylish with her short new cut and sister Khloe obviously wants to turn a few heads as she has gone blonde too. Normally we applaud colour changes but this look just isn’t as nice as her chocolate locks. Don’t worry Khloe, you wouldn’t be the first celebrity to go back on their colour choices. Model Chrissy Teigen had pearly locks at the Oscars at the end of February and then went for a dark chocolate look just a few days later and has now opted for somewhere in the middle. She really gives Goldilocks a run for her money!
We’ve been a fan of this look for months this a while ago but all the big fashion mags are now catching on to ‘the Sienna’ being the next ‘Rachel’ and being the new must-have hair cut. We love this chin-length choppy look as it is so versatile and can work on so many face shapes. I can definitely see the Sienna having just as much, if not more longevity than ‘the Rachel’. You might want to get it before all your Friends do.


Like mother, like daughters. Meryl Streep’s daughters Mamie, Grace and Louisa Gummer are the new faces of the accessories line of the & Other Stories brand. If you don’t recognise the girls, just picture three young Meryls. Effortlessly beautiful, I predict big things for these three!