Salon Talk: Blondes going dark, brunettes finding the light, a good ‘ole’ start to the festive season!

Our style star of the week is actress Natalia Dyer. The usually brunette  Stranger Things star is the epitome of 80s fashion on the show with a classic scrunch perm but her real-life style is more of a nod to a 70s mullet shag. We’re also loving her new blonde colour which makes her new colour stand out even more. There’s nothing strange about this fun  new look for Natalia, we’re loving it!


From a brunette going blonde to a classic blonde going brunette. Pictures have been posted online of bombshell Blake Lively who appears to have ditched her long locks for a short chocolate pixie cut. It might be a wig for her new role but maybe it will inspire her to be a bit more daring with her look.  We’re really excited about all these celeb colour changes going on at the moment, why wait for the New Year to get a new look? ‘Tis the season and all that!


If anyone every described me as ‘ole’, I might feel a little bit offended, but apparently it’s the latest must have acroymn – ‘other level extraordinaire’ and is one of the highest compliments a trendsetter can have. Talk about ole-fashioned!


From ole to old, the latest cool kid trend to be playing around the Christmas dinner table will be shuffleboard. Yes the classic game is set to be the bingo of 2018, with clubs popping up all over the places. I better brush up on the rules then, hadn’t I?


In-keeping with the retro trend, vinyl is set to make a comeback in your wardrobe. Normally, I’d be against the return the squeaky fabric but at this time of year, anything that you can wipe clean instead of putting in the washing machine is alright by me!


Everyone loves an internet challenge and the latest way people are making a fool of themselves online is the ‘invisible box challenge.’ Basically you mime a box on the floor and then do a hop so it looks like you’re jumping over it. It sounds a bit odd but is actually quite funny when you see it done. So, channel your inner Marcel Marceau and give it a go!


Manspreading was the talk of 2017 but next year seems to be the continuing rise of women as they claim ‘spreading’ for themselves! ‘Womanspreading’ is sitting on public transport and taking up two seats by spreading your feet out. It caused uproar when men did it, but if women start doing it, doesn’t it just make us just as bad as men? I’m all foe equality but this is ridiculous!


A study has found that ‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey is the ‘best festive song ever made.’ Why did they need a study to work that out? It goes without saying!


Speaking of the festive season. It’s the time to spend time with your loved ones, but is there such a thing as too much family time? Apparently this is the week people start making ‘Crexit’ or Christmas exit arrangements to get out of planned meet ups and family gatherings!


 As the festive season gets into full swing, remember to take some time for yourself. Research suggests that just two minutes of silence a day can be good for your well-being. Well they do say silence is golden?


Finally after the royal engagement announcement, speculation is rife as to who will be designing Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. Top tip from fashion is Erdem who based his latest collection on the Queen. If that’s not a subtle hint, I don’t know what is!