Salon Talk: Bold blondes, Serena the Superwoman and why you might find yourself in a tights spot this summer!

The Met Gala is tradionally held on the first Monday in May and as we’ve come to expect of the biggest date in the fashion calendar, there was a few fashion surprises from some of our favourite celebs. The biggest surprise was Kylie Jenner who has been no stranger to taking risks with her style thanks to some day-glo coloured hair choices that have seen her try out every colour in the rainbow. Perhaps her most daring moment to date came on Monday when she went for a soft blonde look – we loved it. Blonde is usually a go to safe colour but it surprised us again with the reveal of Karlie Kloss sharp jaw grazing bob. We’re glad to see Karlie move away from the usual celeb look of a tawny colour with blonde highlights and commit to the blonde again. It’s definitely brightened up our summer hair options.


We love a good fashion collaboration and our favourite fashion pairing this week is between Louis Vuitton and American artist Jeff Koons who has emblazoned the brands iconic bags with pictures of the Mona Lisa. Well, they do say fashion is art!


Serena Williams has had us all talking this week after announcing her first pregnancy after 5 months  which is not a rare thing in the celebrity world but we were incredibly impressed that the timing of her announcement meant that she was already pregnant when she won the Australian Open in January. Wow, anyone who ever doubted that she was a superwoman can eat their words!


The hipster way of life has been around for a fair few years now and like many trends it may be time to move on soon but I read an interesting article this week about where the hipsters are heading and what comes next. Are you ready for the rise of the ‘health goth?’ Their look is all dark athleisure and they go on about the virtues of a juice cleanse. Next up is the ‘anti-hipsters’ aka the ‘yuccies’ or young urban creative who buys into the modern world around us and embraces technology trends. Finally, there’s the ‘cutesters’ who are all about embracing their inner child with colouring books and the phenomenon of adult preschool where adults pay to play like children. I do that for free, it’s called having grandchildren!


Speaking of acting like children, the latest Stateside trend is to get yourself a ‘procrastination nanny’ aka a professional motivator who sits with you and keeps you on track with tasks that you might not feeling like doing. Oh grow up and get on with it, I say!

Ghosting where you completely cut yourself off from a relationship has now evolved into ‘haunting’ where you carry on looking at a past love’s social media accounts even after the relationship is over.

Summer’s nearly here and usually that means we find out which body part it’s okay to show off for the season. We’ve had everything from legs to shoulders to sideboob so having nowhere else to bare, fashion’s elite have come up with the trend of ‘modesty dressing’ for summer meaning that we’ll see plunging hemlines and soaring necklines as the cover up becomes classy. Look at this way, at least there won’t be any danger of a tanline! My favourite aspect of the modesty trend is the return of tights. From fishnets to fully opaque, tights are top of every fashionistas must-buy list!