Salon Talk: Bonding with Bronde, Maturing into Midulthood and Torso-free tops

It’s not only the leaves that are turning brown this month – so is the hair of some of our favourite celebrities. Appropriately, the seasonal colour of choice appears to be ‘bronde’ or brunette blonde. It’s an ideal transition colour technique when you’re moving on from being a summer blonde. Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Olsen are good examples of embracing this seasonal change. 


Our look of the week belongs to House of Cards star Robin Wright, who turned heads at Paris Fashion Week by debuting a choppy bob with a full chunky fringe. This a look that a lot of younger women go for so it’s great to see how versatile it is on someone a little bit older. It’s also nice to see Robin grow out the Claire Underwood crop from the show and prove you don’t have to chop all your hair off when get to 45!


Maybe Robin is going through ‘midulthood’ – the new term for the lower end of middle age where you’re not 25 anymore but you’re not quite to embrace the twilight years. I think it’s great being a midult, you can still go out and have fun but you understand the benefits of going to bed at a reasonable hour. Anyway, isn’t age just a number?


Whoever came up with midulthood obviously hasn’t seen the recent survey by the BBC claiming that women reach ‘peak-boring’ at age 35 while men are lucky enough to stay interesting for an extra four years but reach ‘peak loneliness’ at age 39. Whatever happened to life begins at 40?


Maybe we’d all be a little less boring and lonely if we didn’t complain so much. A report this week suggested that Brits spend a total of two full years of their life moaning about things. Now I’m all for having a bit of a rant every now and then but maybe we all just need to calm down a bit and try to see the good in things!


Instead of moaning, maybe you can beat out your frustration and a drumming exercise class. Apparently, you strap a drum to your front and then make music and burn calories at the same time! Think I’ll pass on this one!


I’m sure more than one newspaper will come up with the headline ‘Sport-umn’ after Hollywood is getting its skates on and serving up some sports films that are sure to tempt you to get out and get active. First up is Battle of the Sexes with Emma Stone as tennis legend Billie Jean King and then Margot Robbie will be skating on thin ice as controversial ice skater Tonya Harding. I think I’ll just be watching them to wonder what the actresses will be wearing in awards season because these films look like winners


It can be a nightmare to turn up to an event wearing the same clothes as someone else but can you imagine going to a wedding where there were six other guests dressed like you! This is one instance where the traditional ‘what are you wearing?’ phone call the night before wouldn’t have gone amiss!


This week in crazy fashion trends – Calvin Klein – usually a model of elegant sophistication seem to have torn up the rule book and our launching a ‘torso-less’ sweater. Yes that’s right, it’s just sleeves and a back. Sounds like you’ll definitely want to wear a vest under this one!

Just because you might be having holiday, why can’t your pets have one too? That’s the question asked by the founders of a company being hailed as ‘ Air bnb for pets’ which matches your pet with a home away from home while you go away. Awww