Salon Talk: The Buzz is back, metallic marvels and songs getting banned by the wedding band

Salon Talk Friday August 4th 2017


It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes there can be cross-over trends for both men and women’s hair and as we’ve seen in recent months, the buzz cut or cropped style that was once a mostly male-dominated look has been re-envisioned by women as a powerful fashion statement for everyone from Cara Delevingne  to Tilda Swinton. The latest celebrity to catch the buzz is Kate Hudson who has shaved her head for a film role. I remember the uproar from when Demi Moore shaved her head for GI Jane, and now 20 years later, it’s almost as shocking to see a celeb who hasn’t gone super short!


Along with the multitude of short cuts doing the rounds, barely a week goes by without someone hitting the bleach bottle and this week we’re dismayed to learn that our favourite silver fox, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been seduced by the sunny side of life and gone blonde. I’m not sure who he consulted before opting for this look but if he’d asked me I would have to say, ‘No way, Jose!’


If you’re considering breaking up with your bleach, Kristen Stewart has been proving that you don’t have to hide under a hat while it grows out. Kristen has decided to lean in to her dark roots and the result has turned out to be a gun metal grey colour that looks great. Could metallic shades be the next big thing? Let’s hope so!


We’ve seen some pretty odd fashion choices this summer from crotchless jeans to the return of the dress/trouser combination but this really takes the biscuit – KFC, who previously dabbled in chicken flavoured nail varnish have ventured further into fashion by launching their own fashion line. If that wasn’t surprising enough, those in the know are saying it’s not actually that bad as it embraces the current trend for muted olive colours and mustards and logo tees. Even though it’s getting mostly good reports, I can’t see myself trying it, I’m too chicken!


Word of the week is ‘Whexit’ – for when you make a swift exit from a WhatsApp group text. Nobody has time to keep up with all the notifications!


It’s long been known that film and fashion are interwined and so it wasn’t that much of a shock to see that ‘modesty dressing’ with long skirts and high necklines coming in fifty shades of white and other muted colours became a trend when The Beguiled came out this summer as trendsetters to modernise the films 19th century vibe but that’s all being thrown out of the window now because the next big feminist film on the horizon is Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron as a take no-prisoners modern-day superhero. Think power dressing with an edge – this is all about ‘on display dressing’ –  knee high boots, short dresses and long coats. Talk about bringing sexy back!


Podcasts are getting increasingly popular from true crime ones like Serial to Making Oprah which funnily enough is about the rise of Oprah Winfrey but it seems that if you’re a bit late to getting to listen, everyone’s moved on to the next big thing. So if you want to keep up with the ever-changing podcast popularity list, there’s a new app that speeds up podcasts and eliminate pauses and ads so that you can listen faster and stay up to date! If only they did that for the soaps!


Wedding season is in full swing and I read an interesting article this week about songs that couples refuse to have played at their wedding. There were some obvious ones like the Chicken Dance and cheesy things like Dancing Queen but there were a couple of surprises like Happy by Pharrell Williams (I have to admit that gets on my nerves  if I hear it to often) and Single Ladies by Beyoncé – well, that is a bit like rubbing salt in the wound for everyone at the singles table, isn’t it?