Salon Talk: Cannes Casual, Horsey hobbies and Champagne Six Packs

Salon Talk Friday June 2nd 2017

The Cannes Film Festival has been the talk of the salon this week and we’ve been loving the bun styles that have been gracing the red carpet. Amidst all the ball gowns, the humble bun has reclaimed its position as the go-to look for high fashion hair. From Elle Fanning’s understated ballet bun to Kendall Jenner’s trendy top knot, there’s definitely a lot of fun in the bun this season!


It’s not just the updos that have been turning heads. As we officially move into summer, a number of stars took the opportunity to show off their new seasonal hair colours. Nicole Kidman beguiled us with her subtle summery cool blonde while all eyes were on Salma Hayek as she attended an event in a frosted pink wig that was definitely inspiration for taking the plunge and doing something a bit different with your hair.


It’s not just the hair that has had people talking at at the world’s most famous film festival. It’s been a bit Cannes casual on the dress code front as both Bella Hadid and Marion Cotillard strutted the red carpet in jeans and Kendall Jenner committed the cardinal sin of sandals with socks. Or maybe that’s fashion now, who knows?


Safaris are a growing trend whether it’s a trip to Knowsley Safari Park or something a little further afield. Animals might not quite be your thing but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. A vineyard in the States is offering guests so-called ‘wine safaris’ which is exactly like a safari except you get to have a drink as you drive amongst the animals. Doesn’t sound very safe, so please keep your arms, legs and bottles inside the vehicle at all times or you might really see what it’s like to be drunk as a skunk.


Do you remember being little and holding a brush between your knees and pretending was a horse? Well, it’s making a huge comeback in Finland where it’s now the cool thing to do. Yes, hobbyhorsing is the new national pastime for young girls and the latest craze is to decorate your own horse! I suppose it is a way to get to know your neigh-bours!


Mum’s the word these days – it’s also the quite the moneymaker apparently. The business of being born is not as profitable as the business of giving birth. Mummy blogs and yummy mummy books are nothing new but are you ready for the rise of the Instamum? Yes, parody songs about the trials of raising children are growing in popularity on the internet and Instagram posts detailing the struggles of making dinner for three kids are going viral. I don’t know where they get the energy to keep up with this social media life but they do say a mother’s work is never done!


When you exercise are you more a centred yoga lover or do you prefer something a bit more rough and ready like boxing? If you’re unsure, you now get yourself a workout that does both. Known as ‘box and flow’ the workout starts with boxing and then ends with a relaxing mini yoga session. Talk about a warrior pose!


Air b n b is becoming more popular over here as a way to find a place to stay for the night or for a longer holiday and it seems almost everyone is either offering a room to stay in or has been offered one but Sweden has gone one better and listed the entire country on the site completely free of charge as a way to show the country is open to everyone. Aww.


As it was revealed that Britain is now the world’s largest of Prosecco, is it any wonder that champagne six packs  are now a thing?