Salon Talk: Fab Fashion, Bold Bowls and the return of the summer goth

Phew, what a week it’s been! We’ve all finally got our breath back after last week’s British Style Collective where we were the lead stylists  for the shows St George’s Hall. What a fabulous  event to be a part of. Can’t wait for next year, we had a ball!


From balls, to bowls our first look of the week belongs to Kristen Wiig. The Bridesmaids star had all eyes on her this week when she debuted a modern bowl cut. It’s great to see celebs experiment with shapes, it doesn’t all have to be super short or lush and long. Kristen’s pageboy is a great alternative to the flower crown girl festival look for summer and we love it!


Our other look of the week belongs to supermodel Karlie Kloss and it seems style is definitely her super power as she rocked not one but three summer trends this week. First she went platinum blonde the go-to look of the summer, and combined it with classic tousled waves but what really caught our attention was her undercut. The all over crop is everywhere these days and can be a bit drastic so the undercut is a great way to do something a bit edgy but still have some versatility with your look.


If you’re looking for something at the other end of the spectrum from the bright blonde look, then good news, the summer goth look is back! Yes, contrast the summery chic look with some goth glam. Think plum lips and grown our roots. There really is a look for everyone this season!


Planning your summer holiday yet? I don’t know about you but just when I think I’ve got everything ready, there’s always a few bits that I need to pick up but I didn’t realise how much it all adds up. I read an article this week that said that women spend an average of £5500 on holiday clothes in their adult life compared with around £3200 for men. Well, if they are going to wear the same three t-shirts on a two-week holiday, they don’t need as much stuff do they and someone has to fill up the baggage allowance!


Last week, we were being told that putting gin in your breakfast yoghurt might be good for you and this week we get the even better news that every five year old’s dream of eating ice cream for breakfast could actually make you smarter. The scientists who conducted the tests aren’t exactly sure why but test subjects who were given ice cream perfomed better in early morning mental agility tests. Sundaes on Sunday it is then!


Anything Chanel can do, Prada can do equally weirdly. After the French brand decided to try selling a boomerang for thousands of pounds, Prada are fighting back with a cheaper but maybe more odd product launch: a paper clip worth £150! Okay so it’s actually a money clip but it looks exactly the same. When will designers go back to what they do best, making clothes?!?


In the 90s there was Gen X, then Gen Y, then the Millenials but are you ready to meet the Xennials? Maybe you already are one. Apparently it’s a niche group of people who are now between the ages of 34 and 40 are are set to become the new target for advertisers because they ‘grew up without the internet but now probably rely on it for work’ and have more disposable income than the younger generation.


Finally, would you microwave your armpits? Apparently it’s the latest beauty fad that can help reduce your sweating. Not wuite sure how it works but microwaves are for ready meals, I won’t even microwave pizza, so my pits have got no chance!