Salon Talk: Getting Fashion Tips from a 5-Year old; Madonna Making a Scene and What on Earth is a ‘Canadian Tuxedo?’

It’s child’s play as far as style inspiration goes this week. Designers such Jean Paul Gaultier and DKNY are channeling their inner youth in their latest collections and ‘kidcore’ is the name given to the trend. Think bright pastels dungarees and florals. It’s kids’ fashion for grown-ups. And how better to top off the look than with a kids own hairstyle, plaits and braids. From Cara and Rihanna to Kate Bosworth, this old skool hairstyle was even a hit for Shailene Woodley, the big winner at last week’s MTV movie awards. Her choice of a simple braided hairstyle, was a standout look that received lots of compliments.

Another ‘super’ hair hero this week was Scarlett Johansson at the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere. She chose a grown up version of the undercut made famous by Miley Cyrus. Scarlett’s cut was a more mature version with her tawny tones creating a far less severe look than Miley’s bleach blonde showstopper.


Everyone’s been talking about Madonna’s surprise full on kiss with the young rapper Drake. Sadly for the Queen of Pop it didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for. Less seductive than Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, more grab a granny at the Grafton. Poor Madge literally did leave a bad taste in Drake’s mouth. I don’t think he’ll be calling her for a second date!


Herbert is one of Liverpool’s biggest characters but he was not very well last week and ended up in hospital. Hopefully he’s on the mend now. I know I speak for lots of people when I say hurry up and get better!

I’m not sure how excited by the people of Tokyo will be, knowing their new Tourism Ambasssador is – Godzilla! I can imagine what one of his slogans might be there’s nowhere better than Tokyo for getting smashed!

You are what you eat according to a report this week. Apparently people who eat curries are‘risk-takers’ while people who like salt and vinegar crisps are said to be workaholics who get easily stressed while if you go for cheese and onion crisps you’re an ‘intelligent foodie.’ Just like most of my diet – ‘rubbish’

Will you be wearing a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ this spring? It’s the fashionista term for the former fashion faux pas that is double denim. Apparently, it’s making a comeback. You’ve been warned!



Everyone loves Ed Sheeran but he’s not exactly the most exciting rocker in the world. In fact his recent hit, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was voted the most popular song to fall asleep to. People also thought like that Stay With Me by Sam Smith can send you right off. This new sleep song survey will be great news for the 46% of Brits who get stressed about not being able to sleep! Other things that stress us out as a nation include realizing there’s no toilet paper and being unable to find your bank cards just when we need to pay for something. Talk about being caught short!