Salon Talk: Goth Getups, Ageless Adaline and Sexy Suits with Cara Delevingne

Thankfully Rihanna has ditched the bold brows and debuted a look we can all get behind in her new video for American Oxygen – a bouncy, slightly 80s-inspired layered look that has the fash pack breathing a sigh of relief that Rihanna has come to her fashion senses!


Who would have thought that Kanye West and singer Lorde would make such an unlikely style duo. The pairs dark outfits at the recent Dior show turned so many heads that someone declared they looked like they were going to a ‘goth prom.’


Patricia Neal may have made the line ‘I am a very stylish girl,’ famous in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but a poll this week revealed that the film’s star Audrey Hepburn is considered to be the most stylish Brit beating out Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge, Twiggy and Kate Moss with David Beckham being the most highly-ranked man on the list. But what makes a stylish person, you might ask? According to a different survey, ‘style’ is judged by your shoes, coat and most importantly, your hairstyle.


One person who seems to have the shoes, coat and hairstyle down to a t, this week is actress Blake Lively. Not only are we loving her lovely long blonde locks that she has worn, up, down, straight, wavy, and every way possible while on a whirlwind press tour for the film but we are also loving her look in the film which is about a woman who has a mysterious accident in the 1920s causing her to stop aging. This means we get to see Blake rock a variety of looks but we especially like her 60s-style full fringe and the strawberry copper tones her hair has throughout the film. One thing’s for sure – Blake’s style is definitely ageless!

Apparently not content with being the female face of pretty much every major fashion house, Cara Delevingne is now the face of the latest DKNY Men’s range. The only thing is how many men will look as good as Cara in a suit?

Are Taylor Swift and One Direction secret guilty pleasures on your ipod? Well, music streaming service Spotify says this could be a sign that you might be going through a mid-life crisis. Apparently your musical tastes reach ‘maturity’ at 35 and then if you start to dip back into what the kids are listening to these days, it could be a sign of a much bigger emotional problem. Oh dear, I just thought they were catchy!
Catcalling has been in the news recently as some women they are being harassed by strangers on the street but the wolf whistle could soon be a thing of the past as some streets in New York and other American cities have been declared ‘catcall free-zones’ and it could catch on over here soon.
So you might not get a catcall anytime soon but you might still get a free coffee. The CEO of Pret a Manger has told staff that they are allowed to give a free tea or coffee to any customers they fancy. So you could go in for your dinner and come out with a date.
If getting ‘likes’ on Twitter or Instagram posts is your thing, try putting things on between 5pm and 8pm – research suggests that this is prime time for people to use social media. I think it’s 24/7 for some people!
One used to be the loneliest number but it seems that it’s all about looking after number one these days as going the pictures or out for dinner by yourself is the new cool thing to do. It’s so popular, it’s earned the unfortunate nickname ‘masturdating.’