Salon Talk: Hadid Hair Heaven, Ribbon revelations and Bum Bags are Back!

Salon Talk Friday March 25th 2017


If you ever have trouble telling the Hadid sisters apart, I always think Bella is the brunette and Gigi is the blonde but then they change their colour like when Bella had a stint as a platinum blonde (way before Cara and co last week) and Gigi had a brief blorange moment, but that now I will definitely know which is which as Bella showed off some serious curls on Instagram this week. Could she really be heraldingthe return of the perm? Let’s hope so!


Ribbons have been on the comeback on all the runways recently but the humble schoolgirl accessory isn’t content to just been seen on our heads as they’ve snaked their way into our shoes, replacing laces as a much prettier way to keep our shoes on. Talk about looking trendy from head to toe!


Mary Berry was in the news yet again this week for revealing that she’s never had a takeaway pizza. Fair enough, Mary, but I bet you’ve had more than your fair share of cheeky Nandos’ with Paul Hollywood!


Recent catwalk shows from Dolce and Gabbana and Vetements show that pretty much anyone can be a model and that fact might be about to be a little more widespread as super designers are declaring acne to be the new must-have requirement for models on the runway. Apparently, it’s related to the body positive message that a lot of companies are embracing these days. Looks like we could be seeing all kinds of spots in the next set of shows.


Women have handbags and Paul has more than a few ‘man bags’ but why can’t we all just share? Well, that’s what Chanel thinks with the launch of the Gabrielle ‘uni-bag’ suitable for both men and women. Finally a bag that your fella won’t be embarrassed to be seen holding at parties!


Speaking of bags, the 90s favourite bum bag is getting a much more fashionable upgrade and and rebrand as a belt bag. Not sure if I’m desperate for these to make a comeback and I wonder if we’ll see anyone walking round town with one. Best left in the 90s with pogo sticks I say.


With spring comes the start of wedding season and there’s lots of new wedding things to think about like hiring a chief bridesmaid if your friends are to busy and getting a customised wedding hashtag but one thing that doesn’t change is sorting ot the guest list. Would you ever consider a no ring, no bring policy? That means that unless your guests are on their way to walking down the aisle themselves, they can’t bring a guest, so no casual or new relationships. Oof sounds a bit harsh!


We all know that heels can be bad for your back but who knew a coat with an oversized hood could also being wreaking havoc on your spine? Apparently the weight of the hood puts unnecessary pressure on your back. Good job the weather is warming up so we can all be more comfortable.


My mum always used to tell me that a little bit of fresh air costs you nothing. Well, with the rising cost of inflation fresh air could now cost you £25 as cans of oxygen are now being sold supposedly with the aim to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. I still much rather open a window.


Maybe £25 isn’t all that much when you consider a new report this week which revealed that women spend an average of over £116,000 on their self-improvement in their lifetime, from appearance to exercise and well-being including 572 hair and make-up changes and 298 wardrobe changes. Does that mean 298 shopping trips? Sounds fun!