Salon Talk: Happy Blue Year, Good Loos if you’re looking for an axe-cellent night out

So we didn’t get the white Christmas we were dreaming of, but if Kim Kardashian’s new look is anything to go by, we might be in for a great ‘Blue’ Year. Our look of the week belongs to Mrs Kardashian-West who stepped out over the Christmas period with a bright blue bob. Could she be channeling her inner Marge Simpson?


One of the biggest complaints on any night out is the queue for the toilets. Now a New York company think they’ve found the answer. ‘Rockall is an app designed to supposedly let you book your place in the queue for the toilets. Good luck to anyone who accurately predicts when nature is about to call. Imagine trying to queue jump just because you’ve got an app – you’d need to cross more than your fingers that people will let you into the front of the loo queue!


I can’t see this New York bar trend every getting past UK licensing laws. Forget darts, it’s axe throwing that one Big Apple bar is promoting as the must-try pub sport.

2017 was definitely a rollercoaster year in the news, but one business sector that has capitalised on this turmoil is the advertising industry. they’ve seized on an idea dubbed ‘the outrage economy’ where companies looking to capitalise on our appetite for these big headlines are offered prime ad space alongside the stories, raising their product awareness. here’s hoping this is one booming business that goes bust in 2018!


Study has found that pretending to be busy can make you more popular. Research suggests that if your friends think you’re busy all the time, then they’ll think you’re interesting and have lots going on that they want to be involved with!


For me, it’s not only Christmas that is the most wonderful time of the year, so is early January as that’s when lots of people go for a change of hairstyle. one trend that is always popular at this time of year is ‘sweater hair – the short, collar-length cuts that sit nicely on a polo neck jumper. For inspiration, Selena Gomez shows off the style perfectly with her new blonde colour.