Salon Talk: Hooray for Grey, Man bobs, Gaga’s Model Dog and what your snot says about you!

It may be really hot but we’ve been having quite a few grey days recently – grey hairstyles that is! Cara Delevingne is the latest superstar to go grey in the name of fashion. Cara’s grey isn’t natural of course but for anyone willing to try it, silver is definitely sexy!
Everyone always gets excited about women’s Fashion Weeks but it’s only recently that men’s Fashion Weeks have been getting widespread attention so I was pleased to see the male version of women’s styles from the lob or Mob (man bob), to loose curls and the gamine crop (or as one journalist put it, the Gaman) making their way on to the catwalks. I can’t wait to see more men being adventurous with their hair. Short back and sides are so last week!
How’s this for odd? A hair salon in Russia was closed down recently because the stylists all worked in the nude. Apparently there’s been uproar because the salon had queues around the block for appointments (I wonder why!) With the weather we’ve been having, I wouldn’t be surprised if other salons gave it a try!
There’s a theory that everyone in the world is connected by no more than six degrees of separation meaning we’ve all met someone who has connections to everybody else in the world. As strange as that sounds one website is aiming to bring those connections a little bit closer by posting pictures of people looking to find their doppelgangers – completely unrelated people who look exactly alike. So, if you’re looking for your brother from another mother or sister from another mister, this site could be the place to start looking!
Next time you see somebody picking their nose or examining the contents of their tissue, rather than be disgusted, spare a thought for them –they might be trying to diagnose an illness. Scientists have come up with a snot colour chart to help you decide what ailments you might have. If it’s coming out yellow, you’ve got a cold but if it’s purple –get yourself to the doctors! I’m snot being funny but if I had purple stuff coming out of my nose I’d be worried too!
She may have caused disturbance with her recent air rage incident but Kate Moss was found not guilty of crimes against fashion. The pyjamas she wore while she was being escorted of the plane have sold out!

Looking to build the foundations of a solid lasting relationship? Forget dating websites, you need a love architect. Billed as a cross between a matchmaker and a life coach, a love architect is a ‘soulmate expert’ for 2015 who can help you put together everything you need for the right relationship. I just hope the architect’s plans don’t come crashing down!
If you do decide to go down the now more old fashioned route internet dating, you can save yourself a lot of time by visiting – a website that lets you rate your dates out of ten and post the scores so that other women can decide whether or not to go on a date with the guy. Seems a little harsh, but when the clock’s ticking, you can’t be wasting time!
Lady Gaga has been a bit quiet recently while she reinvents herself with Tony Bennett –or has she found a new career as a manager for her dog? Designers are going Gaga over her pet pooch who has been crowned as the new face of Coach’s latest campaign. I wonder if the doggy’s a diva?

Booked your summer holiday yet? Why not try a healing holiday? It’s the latest vacation trend and taking a break for a yoga retreat or to do other de-stressing exercises comes highly recommended by travel experts. But don’t worry, one of the most popular destinations to get away from it all is in Ibiza so once you’re all detoxed and relaxed you can go and party to celebrate!
Insult of the week: American Vogue editor Anna Wintour implied that week that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not ‘tasteful.’ Ouch!