Salon Talk: Hygge your hair, Block out your Breton top and why it’s good to have a wine and a moan

One way to become a fashion icon is to divert expectations and Gigi Hadid has done just that this week by bucking the colourful hair tend and embracing ‘hygge hair’ or comfort colours and going for a subtle light brunette colour. Very chic and could be a great new look for summer!


We’ve been talking a lot about short crops and bright colours for summer recently, but who said it was just for the girls? Our favourite look of the week belongs to rapper Frank Ocean who is rocking a pastel pink buzz cut. Love it!


From pink hair to pink noise. Sleep scientists have discovered that white noise, that consistent multi -frequency noise that is help to have a calming effect that can help you sleep, now has some competition from pink noise a consistent frequency noise or buzzing that apparently sounds more natural and helps you sleeps better. Not sure if I really understand it, but I’ll try anything to get a good night’s sleep!


Making animals out of felt is a great pastime when you’re little or if you’ve got grandchildren but artist Lucy Sparrow has built a career out of it by creating an entire corner shop out of felt for an art exhibition. Nice work if you can get it, and if you knock over a display at least nothing will smash!


I love a good car boot sale and I’ll definitely be paying more attention next time as a ring that was bought for £10 has now been sold for over £650,000 at auction! One man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure.


Spin classes are the new hot yoga when it comes to the cool new way to keep fit but just as quickly as the cycling trend has caught on could it be about to be replaced? Get ready to get sucked in by face spin classes! Don’t worry, it’s not twisting your neck like The Exorcist, it’s high tempo exercises like a spin classes but instead of cycling you do face exercises like sticking your tongue out and sucking your cheeks in! Don’t know what good it would do your face but it sounds like a laugh!


Nearly everyone has a Breton stripy top in their wardrobe, it’s like the summer equivalent of a little black dress, but you might want to think about putting it back in the drawer if your prone to headaches. Research suggests that focusing on block stripes like these shirts can give you a migraine. Yikes, talk about suffering for fashion!


 The Eiffel Tower are introducing a zip line this summer. Not so much ooh la la, more like ooh la laaaaaahhhhhhhh!!


Ever since the Macarena,  the dance routine has become a staple of every pop song but nobody really watches music videos anymore so how are you supposed to know the routine? Hire a dance concierge, of course! It’s a private dance instructor who comes round and teaches you dance routines. Nobody wants to be the one who gets the Single Ladies dance wrong!


The wine and whine party is the latest alternative to the traditional dinner party. Apparently it’s the latest millennial trend where you get your friends round and have a bit of a moan about life. What started out as a bit of a pity party about lost loves and bad boyfriends has reportedly moved into the latest activism trend. You go girls!