Salon Talk: Jaw-dropping short cuts, Edna the Icon and why you should think twice before binning your IKEA bag

It looks like shorts are definitely in for summer and I’m not talking about pants (it’s still too cold to think about baring your legs I think!). No, short hair is definitely the hottest look of the season with new trims from the likes of Michelle Williams but Selena Gomez has our favourite look of the week with her jawline chop. Going for the jawline is a great stop gap between going for a full crop and the collar bone cut which seems to be everywhere these days. So, be bold, go for the chop, the results could be jaw-dropping!


They say inspiration comes in the most unlikely of places and this seems to be quite appropriate this week as Dame Edna has emerged as an unlikely fashion icon. Yes, with her lavender hued hair and glamorous glasses, everyone’s favourite Aussie (sorry, Kylie!) is influencing fashion in a way that few people thought possible. So, possums, when you’re picking your next outfit, just think WWEW – what would Edna wear? – and go for it!


Have you ever been breadcrumbed? It’s the latest relationship pitfall in line with ghosting where you get texts from a friend or a potential partner or friend who is always promising to make plans to meet up but they end up cancelling at the last minute. I think when things like that happen you should just bread roll with it and move on!


The 90s Generation X set recently had their time to shine back in the spotlight with the rise in stonewash jean jackets and space buns being the must-have hairstyle for the first wave of festival goers and millenials are pushing the boundaries of fashion while Generation Z are reshaping social media but what about the forgotten generation between the 90s stars like Kate Moss and Winona Ryder and millenials like Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham? The ‘in-betweeners’ as one magazine called them are back in force and their post-girl , Sienna Miller, who pioneered the original early 2000s boho look is heralding a comeback for a new crop of style icons that aren’t new at all, we just didn’t appreciate them enough the first time around. Welcome back, Sienna, we’ve missed you!


Have we reached peak-laziness? We might just be close with the arrival of ‘clean perfume.’ Apparently, you can spray the the new ‘Shower Fresh’ scent to make yourself smell like you’ve had a shower when you really just don’t have the time. Definitely not recommended for every day use but it could come in handy for a quick trip to the supermarket on a Sunday.


Some people say they find cleaning to be quite therapeutic and so there has been a growing internet trend for ‘speed cleaning videos’ where you watch time lapse videos of people cleaning up set to soothing music. I don’t think I could relax watching other people clean, I’d be too anxious thinking about cleaning my own house!


Balenciaga have caused quite a stir this week with the launch of their latest £1600 ‘It’ bag which looks strangely familiar to anyone who has ever been to Ikea. The design house’s bag looks almost identical to the big blue bags you can get in Ikea to carry your flat pack home in. Needless to say, the brand have been mercilessly teased on the Internet with Ikea even getting in on it with a spoof ad. Did someone one at Balenciaga make a mistake or is it all just a clever marketing ploy? Someone’s either getting the sack or a raise!


Finally, the best news I’ve heard all week. After the rise of the cupcake ATM, some bright spark in the States has come up with a champagne vending machine. Just what we need for the weekend!