Salon Talk: Julianne Hough shows us the ‘colour of happiness’ and we discover Hidden Depps

Are you looking forward to the new show Lip Sync Battle? It’s a bit like mime karaoke where two celebrities lip sync to famous songs. I watched it on the internet the other day and Anne Hathaway was doing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus complete with a skimpy outfit and an actual wrecking ball. Unfortunately Anne’s grown out pixie crop didn’t have the same ‘wow’ factor as Miley’s bleached look once had. Sorry Anne, rocked the song, but you wrecked the look!


Do you find that you are always putting things off? Well, now there’s a perfume that the inventors claim has motivational properties. Called ‘Inspired Action,’ it’s supposedly very lemony as citrus smells are said to enhance ‘cognitive performance’ and really get you going.
It’s barely been a fortnight since Stevie (does anyone know his surname?) won The Voice but he’s apparently not too impressed with fame and has said that he would like to keep his old job as a fireman. This could be a wise move as judging from the performances of past winners it might not be a question of whether he wants to keep his job, he might have to!


Nothing cheers you up more than a good hug but something about a ‘cuddle party’ makes me feel a bit queasy. It’s a growing trend in the States where people organize get-togethers where you just hug it out. I think I’ll be declining my first invitation to one of those things!
It’s no surprise that Johnny Depp’s daughter with French singer Vanessa Paradis has turned out to be a stunner but Lily-Rose Depp turned more than a few heads when she was at the audience for a recent Chanel show. An actress in her own right with a film co-starring her dad is on the way and Lily-Rose is definitely going to be one to watch.



So many people are embracing the silvery grey look these days and posting pictures on social media that I saw one writer had labelled it ‘Insta-gran!’
A recent magazine survey suggested that giving your significant other your social media passwords is one of the keys to a happy relationship. Some people argue that it’s an invasion of privacy and you should be allowed to keep a few secrets but I have to give my fella my passwords otherwise I’d forget them!
Looking for a new workout? Or should I say ‘twerk-out?’ The infamous booty shaking dance made famous by Miley Cyrus is said to be the best way to lose the junk in your trunk and get toned.


American dancer Julianne Hough has unveiled her new look on Instagram (where else?) and announced she has had her hair coloured ‘the colour of kindness’. What colour could that be? Baby pink by the looks of it.


Have you seen Rihanna’s eyebrows? Images for her new single have emerged with the normally stylish star going for big, bold, straight eyebrows. Sorry, Rih, I’m not sure these are going to catch on!