Salon Talk: Lola Kirke, Lo-tech gadgets and Lagom – it’s been an ‘L’ of a Week

Salon Talk Friday January 20th 2017


Lola Kirke is our style star of the week. The indie film darling is set for big things in 2017 and if her Golden Globes look is anything to go by, she’s definitely started things off in the right way. Her chocolate bob and loose waves remind us of Alexa Chung and her girlish fringe is a cool update for the look. With Lola and Alexa on the case, cool girl hair is definitely back with a bang this year.


We love a good hair accessory and it looks like the classic ribbon is fighting its way back to the top of the fash pack after being seen on recent runways from Chanel to Erdem.


It seems that its not just hair accessories with simple ribbons and ponytails making a comeback – it seems the world is going lo-tech this year. Stero systems are being shunned in favour of old-fashioned record players and polaroid cameras and real photo albums were overtaking their more modern counterparts. I do like a nice photo frames but now I just need to start taking some photos to put in it!


Well it looks like we’re mostly over the January blues but in case you still have a few hanging around there are a couple of pick-me-up tips that are new for 2017. First of all, be your own ‘joy strategist’ – it’s a fancy way of saying find things that make you happy throughout the year but no doubt someone will turn that into an official job title soon enough! Also, the drab normcore fashion trend of t-shirts and jeans is getting left behind in 2016 to make way for ‘optimism chic’ – think bright and bold so whatever else is going on in the world, we can at least have a little fun with fashion.


Move over Glastonbury, there’s a new festival to be seen at this year. ‘Wellness festivals’ are an emerging trend for 2017 and forget the music, it’s all about meditation, yoga and juice cleanses. It’ll make a change to come back from a festival healthier than before you went. Maybe we should all give it a go!


If you like to keep things a little closer to home, maybe ‘beditation’ is the thing for you. Apparently all you have to do is lie in bed and think about absolutely nothing, not even your breathing or inner peace, just nothing. Now that’s something I can get into!


So before Christmas, the unpronounceable lifestyle trend to follow was ‘hygge’ – the Danish word for coziness so it was all about being snug and warm but now there’s a new Scandinavian word to live by ‘Lagom’ is a Swedish word that comes close to ‘moderation’ and the idea is not to deprive yourself but not go over board either. The Swedes have taken this so much to heart that most people drink semi-skimmed milk because it’s not too thin but not too creamy. Oh, it’s just like my nan  used to say, ‘have everything in “lagom”’


Want to get fit this year? It’s time to start lying to yourself. Researchers have found that people who tell actually themselves that they really enjoy working out are more likely to do it more often than people who dread doing it and therefore reach their goals sooner! Looks like a positive mental attitude might really do some good!


Wine delivery services are growing in popularity but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t even have to open the door when it arrived? A company are launching a line of flat-pack wine bottles that can be posted through the letter box. Well it is always nice to get mail!


Planning your summer wedding but worried about what dress to wear? Don’t worry, just wear a ‘bridalkini’ – a wedding dress inspired bikini complete with veil and garter. Oh dear!


 Wondering what to do with all the leftover selection boxes. Chocolate on toast is the hip new breakfast trend for the New Year.