Salon Talk March 10th: Did you ‘ear’ about the latest trends, Insta-kerbing and why Janelle Monae looks like a million bucks

Salon Talk Friday March 10th 2017


The woman who launched a million soggy bottoms, Ms Mary Berry proved why everyone loves her so much when she revealed that she was always annoyed by weeping contestants on the Great British Bake Off. Crying over cake on national television? Now that’s not very British now is, it? Where’s your stiff upper lip?


It used to be the eyes had it but now it looks like we’re all ears for the season ahead. First last week we were all raving about feminist jewellery and putting little lady bits on our ear lobes but the fashionistas seem to have moved on to something bigger if not better – big hoop earrings, ear cuffs and dangly earrings are back having their moment. So if all this focus around the face, we better all make sure our hair looks good.


The awards might have been all over the place but there wasn’t a hair out of place at the Oscars with the usual winning looks from Emma Stone and co but my favourite look of the night was Moonlight star Janelle Monae who rocked her short crop, jazzing it up with an elegant headband. Heabands are very in this season and pairing one with a short crop definitely takes it out of the school girl next door category and adds a bit of edge. I also like Janelle because she representing not one but two films on the night so went for not one but two dresses for the show and the after party – a woman after my own heart!


It looks like we’ve reached peak preppiness this week as apparemtly the fashionable way to wear a sweater is not on your chest as you would imagine but around your neck like a 1950s throwback, what next going for a malted milk after the sock hop? Wondering what to wear under the sweater – a t-shirt with a picture of your beloved if the A-List having anything to go by. Celebs from Gigi Hadid to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner have been spotted wearing shirts adorned with their respective suitors faces. But this is nothing new Jennifer Aniston started the trend years ago with an ‘I heart Brad Pitt’ shirt. I wonder if she and Angelina are getting together to burn it any time soon?


Maybe Angelina has been too busy on a ‘break up retreat’ with Katy Perry who recently broke up with Orlando Bloom. They’re being launched as ‘meditation and yoga retreat but part of me thinks it’s just hiding under a duvet eating ice cream and then drunk dialling your ex and hanging up when he answers!


We’ve noticed a growing interest in male grooming over the last few years but it looks set to enter the next phase as Marc Jacobs is launching his first line of ‘male polish’. We’re already seeing a few men coming in for manicures but could Marc be giving guys the push they need? Come on gents, put the man in manicure, no girl wants to be seen with a man with scruffy hands.


Some men are taking their quest to look good to a more permanent level by getting a ‘tie tuck’ –  a mini face lift that gets rid od the double chin that some men get when they wear tight shirt and tie. That’s a bit drastic, just buy a bigger shirt, I say.


It used to be that sitting on the kerb was for when you were drunk at 3 o’clock in the morning and couldn’t find a taxi but it looks like that’s become the latest Instagram selfie trend. They call it Insta-kerbing and I think if I tried it, I’d never get up again!


Forget being called ‘undateable’ I read an article this week about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend because he said she was ‘unwifeable.’ Ouch!