Salon Talk March 17th: Nice Ice Baby, mops are top of the style charts and the rise of Proton

Salon Talk Friday March 17th


We’re finally leaving winter behind and coming into spring but it looks like some of our favourite celebrities are keen to keep some ice around especially in their hair as both Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart have hit the bottle and gone beach blonde for spring. They are definitely that bleach doesn’t just have to be shocking white as Cara has gone for a pearly ice white while Kristen’s newly shaved ‘do has more of a sandy tone making it feel more beach than bleach.

If you want to do something a bit edgy with your style but don’t fancy going bleach blonde – you could always opt for the ‘Linda.’ Yes the early 90s Linda Evangelista mop top is back and chicer than ever – definitely a look for all ages!


It’s not just monochrome white colour that have caught our eye this week – Rihanna’s latest Puma show had models wearing orange mascara – definitely an eye-popping look for a night out.


If you’re a meme you’ve made it seems to be the new Hollywood mantra as pictures of celebs with funny captions (known as memes to the tech savvy) are the new normal on social media. But it seems that some celebs aren’t fans of being mocked by the internet at large and are resorting to nips and tucks that some surgeons are calling ‘meme facelifts’ turning the naturally downturn of your mouth upwards so that you can’t get stuck with ‘wet fish’ comparisons. It looks like the phrase, no publicity is bad publicity’ doesn’t quite work in the internet age!


Defying gravity is the staple focus of any fashionable high heel, the higher the better but the heels at a recent Yves Saint Laurent show defied gravity for different reasons – they weren’t flat but there was no stiletto so the foot was suspended in the air like a shoe mannequin. Odd, and it’s hard to believe anyone would have been looking at the clothes!


Skiing is a sport that has never really appealed to me, I think I’d prefer the apres-ski lodge and spa rather than actually speeding of down the mountain and the latest trend for ‘mindful skiing’ or meditating while skiing is definitely not going to be getting me on the piste. I’d like to be focused on not falling down the slope in front of me rather than my inner zen.


The world seems to still be talking aboutthe most awkward Oscars ever when the wrong film was announced as Best Picture. If there was anything more awkward than that, it was probably Nicole Kidman’s applause. She was the subject of much debate over her strange, seal-like clapping style and has finally come out and she clapped like that to protect the diamond rings she had borrowed for the occasion. Oh, Nicole, we’ve all been there (not!)


Sleeves are having a bit of a moment in the fashion world. If it’s not the slouchy sleeve being worn by fashionistas from New York to New Brighton (nobody wears their coat on their shoulders any more darling!), it’s the multi-sleeve cardigans made popular by Sonia Rykiel – it’s like five outfits in one!)


Botox, schmotox, it’s all about Protox. Okay, so it is just Botox by another name but it’s the term given to the frown filler by lawyers, psychiatrists and other people in high-stress jobs who are getting Botox done to smooth out their frown lines. They say overdoing the Botox can stop you from showing your emotions and this seems just what the doctor ordered for these professionals. To be fair, you don’t want to see your therapist laughing at you when you’re complaining about how your latest break-up is all because of your relationship with your mother, do you?