Salon Talk: Marion and Michelle bring back blondes, and why tea could get your to-don’t list the boost it needs!

Salon Talk Friday January 26th


It’s a battle of the blondes this week for our favourite look. French actress Marion Cotillard, who had recently flirted with going for a soft blonde bob embraced the trend for all things 90s with a stark white blonde with warm roots. It’s a look that shouldn’t work but there’s something about its punky edge that I really like. Well, they do say the French have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi!’ Our other favourite look this week is less controversial but equally worth a mention. Michelle Williams has had one of our favourite crops for a few years now but we’re loving its latest reinvention. She’s had it taken a little shorter than her classic Tinkerbell crop but her silvery platinum keeps the look delicate and I love the contrast of the ‘hard’ cut with the soft colour. It’s the best of both worlds!


A lot of people won’t leave the house without their hair done but I read a report that claimed Kim Kardashian won’t be leaving this Earth with  a hair out of place. Apparently, she has a ‘good hair’ clause in her will to ensure that if ever she can’t look after herself someone will do her hair. Well, most people do feel better when they’ve had their hair done!


Some people would say that having a sweet tooth is in their blood but Waitrose thinks it might be in your DNA. The supermarket wants to ask shoppers to take DNA tests so that they can help recommend what biscuits you should be buying so you can make healthier choices. Maybe start by not buying biscuits?



Ribbons may be the go-to hair accessory at the moment but don’t forget the humble scrunchie. Yes the oversized 90s staple are back, but not for your hair. Oh no, apparently the only way to wear a scrunchie these days according to Balenciaga, is on your wrist!


Years after Lady Gaga wowed us all with the ‘meat dress’, you too can now get dolled up like a piece of meat as one company is launching meat hoodies printed to look like chargrilled meat. Something tells me these won’t look good enough to eat!


I often wake up in the middle of the night and write down things to remember to do the next day but apparently writing your to-do list before you go to bed can actually help you fall asleep faster. So list your chores before snores and you’ll have a much better night’s sleep!


From a good night’s sleep to a good start to the day. If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, research suggests you should get the tea brewing. The caffeine in tea can boost your attention span and the other ingredients can enhance your mood which can make you more creative. Get the kettle on!


Chocolate and yoga aren’t really two things I would ever put together but somebody has and they might be next in line for a knighthood! Chocolate yoga is the next evolution of the body bending exercise and adds eating chocolate to the meditation part of a yoga class because chocolate lightens your mood. I’m all for the chocolate part but can I skip the yoga?