Salon Talk: May the Model, Talking about Thylane and Midster Madness

It’s been a bit of a throwback Thursday all week this week as not only have we been seeing more of the Linda Evangelista mop top being updated, as well as the return of ‘heritage models’  like Amber Valletta announced as the face of the new John Galliano campaign and making a return to the runway with Dries Van Noten (imagine being called ‘heritage’ at just 43 – does that make me a relic?!?).


Clearly none of these models are victims of Alpha Female Aging which apparently affects people like Theresa May as the pressure of high pressure jobs allegedly can make you look up to seven years older than your actual age! Oh dear, maybe we should all sit down and take a break!


Alpha Female Aging or not, Theresa May and Kim Kardashian finally have something in common! Yes, as of next month, the Prime Minister can update her CV to include Vogue cover model. From the pictures that have been released, she looks a little windswept – I wonder if she’s been taking tips from Donald Trump’s stylist?


At the other end of the age spectrum we have 17-year old Thylane Blondeau, the new face of L’Oreal and owner of the most-sought after locks on the block this Spring. Her effortlessly chic style combines the two big treds of French Girl hair and Cool Girl Hair to create Cool French Girl Hair. Definitely one to watch if you want to add a bit of va-va voom to your look.


My favourite new word of the week is She-E.O – the new name for women who run their own companies. Nice! Runner up for my word of the week is ‘midster’ – a middle aged hipster. Apparently, the midster is on the rise as keeping up with hipster trends is getting too expensive for the younger generation and so the trend for kale smoothies and artisanal cheese is being taken over by the older generation with enough money to keep it afloat. I don’t see a problem with the midster as long as they don’t embrace the man bun. Some things are better left to the young ones but even then the youthful man bun needs to get man-binned!


One hipster thing that I hope midsters won’t need in their life is the new trend for adulting classes where people over the age of 18 (so old enough to know better) are being taught how to do things like use a washing machine, change a lightbulb and go o a budget s they are prepared to eventually leave the nest and live in the real world.


Speaking of kids leaving the nest, some companies are apparently debating the idea of ‘roosting leave’ for parents when their children go off to university or move out (for the first time at least!) and peternity leave for when you get a new pet and need to get it used to its new surroundings!


Another year, a new set of emojis are about to emerge including a breastfeeding woman and a man sitting in a sauna. What will they think of next? I don’t know about you but I spend so much time looking at the emojis that I forget what I was texting back in the first place!


I saw an article about a woman who has created her own sort of uniform by wearing just 20 pieces of clothing in different combinations and in rotation. I thnk that’s what most people do but it’s always nice to have options – isn’t that what shopping is for?


Cheetos are the American version of Wotsits and like their British cousin, you can’t eat them without getting the dust all over your hands. To solve this problem, the makers of Cheetos have designed a range of clothes to help you eat them and not get messy including a pair of pants with a built in napkin or lapkin as they call it. Sounds genius!