Salon Talk: Nobody puts Babylights in the corner, around your bag in 80 days and why you don’t need to travel to get jetlag

Our look of the week belongs to stars like The Handmaid’s Tale actress Alexis Bledel and director Sofia Coppola who are both embracing the summer babylights trend. ‘Babylights’ are subtle highlights that help to lighten up brunette locks for summer if you don’t fancy going full-on blonde.


Forget how clean is your house, how clean is your handbag? I’dd like to say I’m one of those people who sort their purse out every night when I get home but it would be more truthful to tell you that I’m probably one of the 35% of women who spend eighty days of their entire lives rooting through their bag looking for things.


Looking for the perfect bathing suit to turn heads on the beach, well look no further than Beloved Shirts who have designed a full length swimming costume that looks like a man’s hairy chest. Ha!


They say fear is a great motivator, so if you’re looking to get fit, you might want to try the Walk Against Humanity app – instead of positive reinforcement, it uses insults to get you up, out and exercising. The only thing is it might backfire and you’ll end up comfort eating to make yourself feel better after being yelled at by your  phone!


Most people look forward to a lie-in on their day off but a report this week suggested that even though 85% of people enjoy getting an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning when you don’t have to get up, it can be bad for you because it knocks off your body clock. Apparently it’s called ‘social jetlag’ and can make you tired and irritable and even lead to chronic fatigue. So, the early bird really does catch the worm and feels better for it too!


‘Millenial pink’ might be staking its claim as the colour of Summer 2017 as it touches everything from phones to hair colour but the rumour mill is already swirling with ideas for the colour of 2018 and leading the charge is black, but colour trenders are predicting ‘ a new tone’ of black. We have no idea what that means, but I guess we’ll find out next year, unless they change their mind!


Bizarre food trend of the week: charcoal pizza bases which are growing in popularity in cool restaurants. They might get stuck in your teeth and make you look gap-toothed but at least they are healthy!


Phone problem of the week is Facetime chin. People are up in arms about how looking down at your phone during a video chat makes you look like you’ve got a double chin, but holding the phone up hurts your arm. Oh the dilemma!


With Glastonbury just around the corner, I wonder how many people will be trying the foil freckle trend. I’d be worried that if you caught the sun, you’d have tan lines on your face when you took them off.  Nightmare!


They say fools rush in but in the internet age, people aren’t willing to wait, especially when it comes to dating, so it makes me wonder how the new slow dating app, Appetence will go down. It doesn’t let you exchange photos until you’ve exchanged 50 messages. Romantic, or just a waste of time?


Piercings are making a big comeback this summer and the new must have piercing is the daith. Don’t worry I had to google it too, but the daith is the piece of skin that goes from your cheek slightly over your ear. So now you know!