Salon Talk: Passing on pixies, pepto pink and why staying in is the new going out out

It looks like our fairytale summer of hair is coming to a close and a lot of our favourite celebs who spent the last few months believing in pixies are growing it all and fortunately aren’t hiding under a hat! Our pick of the bunch is Kristen Stewart who is popping up in the latest Chanel’s latest campaign with a rich chocolate short cut. 


It’s one of the nation’s best-loved shows but it seems the Gogglebox effect might not be making as big an impact as you migh think. A survey last week revealed at 90% watch TV by themselves at least once a week. Well, at least you don’t have someone in your ear going, ‘So what’s going on?’ every five minutes!


It’s hard not to want to be able to dress like Rihanna but most of us don’t quite have the figure for it, but thank goodness we might have the feet for it. Yes, Rihanna’s radical red carpet looks and some of her music video outfits are being featured on a range of socks designed by the singer with in collaboration with Stance. Well, it beats a five pack from Marks and Spencer doesn’t it?


What is it with designers trying to sell us things other than clothes? We could just about handle Balenciaga’s IKEA bag rip off and then we were puzzled by the Prada paper clip but we’re a little dumbfounded by designer duct tape that’s being released by Raf Simons for £155. Why are they coming up with this things? If they need a bit more of a clothing challenge, I’d love a pair of jeans to fit me properly, why can’t someone design that and leave the stationary in Smiths?


Fashion is starting to move into autumn trends now (haven’t we all be dressing like it’s autumn for weeks, when was summer exactly?) and the first trend out the blocks is the fluffy shoe. Shaped like a slipper, but far too fancy to just wear around the house, could these be the comfortable going out shoe we’ve been searching for?


Pepto pink – named for the American indigestion medicine is about to be everywhere. Not sure if I can stomach it!


Forget a girls’ night out, the latest going out trend is actually staying in for a sleepover with your mates. In fact it’s becoming so popular that some people are doing it instead of having a traditional hen party. Sounds great!


Once upon a time women strived to be the Alpha Female in a male-dominated world. But it turns out that it might actually be better to be Beta. Beta females are said to be more laid-back and pragmatic and better listeners which means that they end up getting more of what they want because they don’t stress out too much about things. So relax a little more  and you could be a world Beta!


A coffee shop in Australia caused a bit of a stir this week when they announced they would be charging an additional 18% to male customers to reflect the country’s gender pay gap. Something tells me they might not have too many men visiting soon!


First it was avocadoes, then Prosecco and now there is apparently a national vanilla ice cream shortage. Thank goodness summer’s nearly over so we can stock back up before next year!!


The over-posed selfie is so early 2017 but nobody really wants to post a truly warts and all selfie do they? Say hello to the ‘plandid’ selfie – planned candids – ‘I just woke up like this’ never seemed more appropriate.